Netflix watch instantly on 360 recommendations


Is it the Whitney Houston Bodyguard or the Salman Khan Bodyguard?


Was watching Narcos, and I was literally glued to the couch:) It was just so good. Check out some basic info about it :


It’s starring a guy named Sammo Hung. He’s like a fat, old Jet Li.


“A guy named Sammo Hung”? Look, I realize not everyone loves kung fu movies like I do, but this guy is a legend. Might I suggest you check out “Magnificent Butcher” if you should have the chance.


Also Touch of Zen, The Prodigal Son, and Project A, which are all in my top 20.


I haven’t seen any solo Sammo Hung movies, but I loved his pairing with Jackie Chan in several movies. The fact that he looks kind of overweight and yet still pulls out impressive moves in action scenes provides some great moments.


IMO Narcos is one of the best series in years and maybe the best show Netflix has done. (Orange is the New Black is good in all sorts of ways but far less disciplined in its writing.)


Yea man I totally agree about Narcos. I tried watching Orange is the New Black, but I just couldn’t get into it, I might totally have to give it another shot :p


I watched Siege of Jadotville, little low budget war movie about an event in 1961, starring Jamie Dornan and Mark Strong.

It was great! It is basically about the unluckiest and luckiest (at the same time) military unit in history of human race. Dornan is so good, I wish he never did those stupid Grey films.


Should watch ‘The Fall’, with Dornan and an awesome Gillian Anderson. Currently part way into the third season and it’s pretty great.


Oh yeah I have seen it, had no idea third season was already airing. Going to wait when it is complete before watching that though.


Second the fall. Great series so far - I’m waiting until it’s wrapped up for this year so I can binge watch. I assume it’s six episodes in total again this year?


Correct; three have aired so far.


Amanda Know, The 13th, and Audrie & Daisy are all great documentaries that have come out in the last few months, I went on a documentary tear last weekend and enjoyed them all.


I watched Mascots. It was ok, but not nearly as good as Best in Show.


Who decided to make loud ads that literally take up the entire screen on the Netflix browsing page?

And where do they live?


In the Upside Down.


PSA - I just got an e-mail that alerted me Netflix’s newest mobile version (not sure if this works for PC/console versions) will allow for offline watching/downloading (at last).


Select shows and movies. Assume all of their own content will be allowed but have to see how much 3rd party stuff is allowed to too.


So we just began watching Crazy Ex Girlfriend – mostly because multiple people commented to my fiancee that she looks a LOT like the main character, and she so, so does – and it’s pretty amazing so far. No idea it was a musical! So fun!