Netflix watch instantly on 360 recommendations


Fiancee? Congratulations, Brian! That’s a good show too, goofy with great songs. It reminds me of Galavant without the fantasy trappings.



The Darkest Hour with ghosts.


This isn’t a movie but I couldn’t find a TV thread so i’ll put this here.

I have been watching The Cuba Libre Story, an eight part documentary (think of it as 8 movies!) about the history of Cuba. Really interesting stuff and the production values are high. The first episode is about the wars of independence against the Spaniards, while the second is about American domination which eventually led to Batista.


I was delighted to find the latest John Carney movie (Irishman responsible for Once and the Commitments) on Netflix. It’s called Sing Street and it’s about Irish boys making music, shockingly enough. This time high school kids in the 80s. It’s pretty light and a little goofy but I found it just super charming.


And the best part is it contains what has to be, unofficially, the official Qt3 movie podcast theme song:


Hey, we just watched Sing Street last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. The story’s not particularly novel, but I like how they got there; plus it had way more likeable characters than Rogue One!

I especially liked the actor playing the main dude’s (pictured above) brother: Jack Reynor. To me Reynor looks like a combination of Chris Pratt and Seth Rogan. I’d classify his looks as ‘charming,’ though in this movie he sort of looks like a scruffy bum. But regardless as to how he looks, I thought he did a terriffic job as the older stoner brother.


I loved Sing Street! I had been eyeing it for awhile and I’m glad that this thread drove me to finally watch it. So fun to hear the original music and then to experience the influence in their original songs.


Also it’s so refreshing to see a Netflix movie recommendation again. It just feels like Instant Watch has become mostly about Netflix original content, which admittedly is very good. But it’s nice to see an actual non-Netflix original recommendation. It’s a dying breed.


An oct-umentary?


I’d like to see
Cuba Libree
In an octumentarian series (in the shade).


Jack Reynor definitely gave most winning performance in Sing Street. A great character, too. The loser who is also a mentor.


I just finished the first season of Versailles. It is gorgeous to look at and I enjoyed it.


I watched the documentary on Minimalism tonight. Really well done


They’ve just added Jen Kirkman’s new special, my inbox tells me. I haven’t seen it, but I can recommend it blind on the basis of her previous special and her live standup.


We binged it over the weekend. It is pretty good, and I hope there’s a second season.


I watched Minimalism this weekend. It was good. Spent a little too much on consumerism as opposed to also getting rid of what you don’t need.

A guy I sorta know on the Internet (Patrick Rhone) was in it from Minimal Mac.


I saw over Christmas a show called Noble. It’s a Norwegian show about their special forces in Afghanistan. Very tightly scripted, only 8 episodes, almost no filler. It is sub titled if that bothers you. Has a tremendous opening sequence, if nothing else worth watching that.


We watched this last night. It was kind of like Aliens but with ghosts. It stars a whole slew of people that you’ll recognize as “hey it’s that guy/girl from that show!”. A Netflix original film, it used the money it saved on name actors to sink into the production budget, and as a result the effects, weapons, vehicles and combat scenes (of which there are plenty) look surprisingly good. The story also isn’t horrible, and in the end the whole thing comes together into an action Sci-Fi movie that’s worth watching.

I hope it’s successful for Netflix, as I’d like to see them do more original Sci-Fi and Fantasy one-offs like this.


I read that Spectral is not actually a Netflix original, but a movie produced by Universal and intended for theatrically release that kept getting shelved until Netflix acquired it. That explains the big budget that went into the special effects.

I personally found it quite underwhelming. I didn’t mind the concept, derivative as it was, and the first half features some genuine tension and excitement; the second half however went downhill fast thanks to some truly absurd plot points and holes that utterly shattered my suspension of disbelief. Moreover, the whole thing felt mechanical and lacked heart, not to mention any semblance of character development. I guess it’s an ok sci-fi flick, but I expected better.


Any recommendations for a good comedy that isn’t mainstream?