Netflix watch instantly on 360 recommendations


The Bronze and The Lobster are both VERY off the beaten path. I don’t know if they’re on Netflix, though, which might make them useless suggestions in this thread.



I’ll take a look and report back. Thanks!

Nope, those don’t show up on Netflix. Ah - The Lobster is for rent on iTunes. The Bronze is there for purchase. We’ll rent The Lobster. :)


Uh, I should warn you that when I say The Lobster is VERY off the beaten path, I mean VERY off the beaten path.



The Lobster is on Amazon Prime if you have that.


Ok, thanks. Not sure we’re going to watch anything, as it turns out. We’ll see. Sometimes, my wife is in the mood for Fast and the Furious, so who knows what will happen.


You know that moment in Roger Rabbit when Judge Doom does the “Shave-and-a-haircut…” bit and Roger cannot contain himself? I’m really really trying.

Sorry. I’m in podcast mode.



Haha. Yeah, I walked into that one.


No, Clay. You drove into that one.

I live my life a quarter-joke at a time.



They just added It Follows. Brilliant, brilliant horror movie. Go watch it.


Is it good for people who don’t normally enjoy the horror genre?

That seems like a daft question, but there’s plenty of movies that are classified under horror that I still enjoy despite not liking the genre in general. The most recent example being 10 Cloverfield Lane.


I would say that it almost perfectly fits that criteria. It is very non traditional horror.


Cool. I love good horror novels, but movies seem to generally suck. Will add to my list.


The 1998 “Lost in Space” showed up on Netflix, and despite it being a critical, popular, and commercial flop, I sort of recalled having a fondness for it, so I re-watched it. It does have a time-travel theme to it, which I am a sucker for, so maybe that’s what I remembered.

I had kind of remembered that Gary Oldman was in it, and if pressed I probably could have told you that William Hurt was in it. But I’d totally forgotten that Mimi Rogers and Heather Graham were in it. Oh, and also Joey from Friends and the little girl from Party of Five. No, not Neve Campbell, the little one.

The first half hour is a total disaster. The writing is terrible. Everybody is bad in it, but I mostly put that down to the writing. Well, somehow Oldman manages to make it work, but I guess that’s why he’s Gary Oldman. There’s some sub-plot about some splinter group on Earth that is trying to destroy the Jupiter 2, but that never goes anywhere. It’s just a gimmick to force them to start the hyperdrive without plotting a course (don’t they know they could fly right through a star or bounce too close to a supernova and that would end their trip real quick?) and thereby end up… LOST IN SPACE.

After that it gets a bit better. There is the whole stupid sub-plot with the space monkey thing they find, which just screams “BUY THE TOY” and just takes up screen time without advancing the story at all, but at least they have a cool running battle with a bunch of bio-mechanical space spiders which ends with a big explosion, so whatever.

Then they go down to the planet and have all the timey-wimey stuff. Again, the script is horrendous, with such classic lines as “this metal is decades old!”, and Will saving everyone by teaching the robot the power of friendship. But there’s kind of a cool time-travel payoff, so whatever. Oh, and the robot’s name is Robot, but we can’t blame the writer for that, that’s taken from the original TV series.

The CGI is dated, but not terrible. Some of it is actually decent, but a few times you might think you’re watching a PS3 game. Some of the production design is good too. Also I discovered I’ve been misquoting this movie for years. I always said “And the monkey pushes the button”, but Joey actually says “And the monkey flips the switch”. Live and learn.

Despite the name of this thread I don’t actually recommend it. My 10-year-old daughter liked it though.


Ha ha, you watched Lost in Space.

Fun fact: You know the shootout, when the dude from Friends puts on a helmet, lowers the visor, and has an action sequence? Matt LeBlanc wasn’t available when they shot it, so that had to write into the scene that he has a helmet covering his head!



This is all a moo point.



I’m most of the way through Medici and enjoying it. Florence, beautiful costumes and much political intrigue, Very entertaining.


I watch bad time-travel movies like you watch bad horror movies. I’m not even ashamed! I mean, Gary Oldman! Now, if you want to make fun of me, I’ve seen “A Sound of Thunder”. That has no redeeming qualities at all.


So that awful movie called… The Time Machine (2002), must be way at the top of your list.


Yeah, saw it. In the theater. Don’t remember much about it, except that it wasn’t good. Guy Pearce’s follow up to Memento!


Lost in Space was awesome! Seriously I liked that movie! And yes, I also like Battleship and movies like The Core. I like entertaining high budget ‘B’ Movie Sci FI. Not everything has to be cryptic and seemingly conceited like Arrival (overrated movie imo).

Same with Time Machine 2002, what was wrong with that movie?!? I still remember some of the great set designs from the future, the trees and the cliffs. plus the time travel transisitions were cool. The eloy not so much. still entertaining!