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Watched The Good Neighbor on a whim. I found it surprisingly decent but the premise is really goofy. Best to go in blind.


Just saw this, great movie. Was the first movie I’ve seen that really has good tragic elements. I’ll have to catch Blue Ruin because I Don’t Feel At Home was very very good.


Wow that was great and Melanie Lynskey was divine but I’ve been in love with her since I first saw her on HBO’s Togetherness


Season 2 of Better Call Saul is on Netflix now. I just finished season 1 a month ago and then realized that the follow-up wasn’t available. Phew!


Here’s the preview for Brad Pitt in War Machine.


So I watched the DeNiro film Hands Of Stone about Roberto Duran…and somehow when reviewing some information during that era I discovered Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini produced a doc last year called the The Good Son which covers the in-ring death of Du Koo Kim around the same time. This evidently was Mancini’s vehicle to come at peace and meet Kim’s window and son Kim never knew. Probably a little slow for someone not familiar with boxing at that time, but interesting just the same…

It is on YT:


We Are Twisted Fing Sister!* is a pretty awesome doc about the rise of this iconic early '80’s band. Even if you hate these guys, you have to admire the amount of work that they put in to finally break through to mainstream success. Great stories throughout and a really odd dynamic between frontman, Dee Snider, and the creator of the band, Jay Jay French, help raise this above the usual ball washing fest that band films can be.


Ball… washing fest? Like golf ball washing?


I just noticed that Headshot has appeared on Netflix. It’s another Indonesian action movie starring Iko Uwais. It’s not as lean and as The Raid – it’s probably one fight too long, and Julie Estelle and Very Tri Yulisman’s characters should have been condensed to one, but it has some all time great fight sequences, and the directors, The Mo Brothers* bring an absolute relish for torn flesh. You know that bit in The Raid where Iko slams a dude’s throat into a broken door frame? Expect a lot of gory punctuation marks like that.

Also, Julie Estelle in a tanktop and tight jeans, soaking wet.

It’s pretty awesome.

*not actual brothers, as far as I can tell.


If anyone has yet to see Master of None season 2, I think they should immediately. Ansari created something amazing this season. Well edited, few jokes miss, and a love story that is both timeless and yet present. Ugh, sorry for gushing.

I also finally got around to checking out Rhymes for Young Ghouls, and albeit inconsistent, this might be one of the most disturbing and R rated openings I have seen in a movie. It doesn’t settle down that much, although I can’t give it a hard recommendation. The acting isn’t all there and the script seems a bit sophomoric for the subject matter.

If you STILL haven’t seen Bronson, I cannot believe it is still on Netflix. Watch immediately.


I’m so glad you said that. I was a huge fan of the first season.



Probably to prepare for the upcoming Okja, they’ve added a couple of Bong Joon Ho’s movies today.

Mother won a bunch of awards, and is an affecting story of a mother standing up for her son.

My favorite of his movies is Barking Dogs Never Bite. It’s a bleak, black comedy about how hard it is to live near a whole bunch of other people. This movie introduced me to Bae Doo Na, who is still my top must-watch actress. (Can’t say much for that Sense-8 show she’s in, though.)


Just looked Bong Joon Ho on IMDB. Turns out I’ve inadvertently somehow already seen 5 of his movies. Weird.


Holy Jumpin George Barking Dogs Never Bite is good. I’d seen Memories of Murder, The Host, Mother and Snowpiercer but this is by far my favorite.


July’s list of new stuff


I watched “the Stanford prison experiment” last night. Was pretty good, especially considering it actually happened.


So we watched Sausage Party on a friend’s recommendation.

This friend watched Hot Fuzz on our recommendation, and didn’t find it funny.

We’ll now view all suggestions from this person with the utmost suspicion. Because Jesus.


It’s the difference between subtle British humour @BrianRubin and more obvious lude American style humour. There is definitely a place for both in this world but they are not always everyone’s cup of tea. If you enjoy the former then watch “catastrophe” and “Fleabag” on Amazon prime.


I mean it’s obvious this friend has no taste, do the humane thing Brian.


We did NOT enjoy Sausage Party. Ugh.