Netflix watch instantly on 360 recommendations


I get it, I didn’t enjoy it either, I like all things Edgar Wright though, looking forward to baby driver.


OMG me too!


If you haven’t already, listen to the Adam Buxton podcast on which Edgar was a guest. It was very interesting.


Ha, I read that too quickly and thought Brian said he didn’t like Hot Fuzz. I had no idea what to say about that.


Oh no, it’s pretty much become my favorite film.


Did I tell you about the time I got to watch Hot Fuzz with Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost? OK it was actually me and a theater full of people but still, it was awesome.


You lucky duck. My cousin started working for Kodachrome recently, she gets to hobknob with the sometimes rich and mostly famous. She was hanging out with Edgar Wright a few weeks ago, I’ll have to ask her for an invite next time.


i’m not sure there’s anything subtle about Hot Fuzz.


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but I got to lightsaber fight Ray Park at a special event showing of Attack of the Clones.

Good times.




I know! Plus I forgot to mention it was a double feature, where Wright was also showing one of the movies he considered inspiration for Hot Fuzz - that showing was Bullitt. Also awesome!


I liked Sausage Party. Interesting concept, fairly clever in spots.


@Rock8man put the sports Indian Female Wrestling movie Dangal on my radar, and it was quite good in the theater.

It has now made its way to Netflix:

Excellent Film.


Star Wars: Rogue One is now on Netflix Streaming [US] if anyone actually cares about this type of movie around here.


Oh cool, thanks for the heads up. It’s the first Star Wars movie I missed in theaters.


I tried watching DePalma’s “Snake Eyes” last night and could not get past the first 15 minutes.

I really really enjoyed the documentary “The Seven Five” for all those wanting some gritty corrupt cop stuff. Very interesting.


But that’s ok because the first fifteen minutes are the best part of the movie.


There’s a Netflix original series that just came online based on the Castlevania game franchise.
Was not too bad.


Oh, it is really bad, but I found it watchably bad. Some of the best crazy Nic Cage out there… but yeah, the first 15 minutes are very much the best part of the movie.


Finally got around to watching Valhalla Rising which has been in my instant watch queue forever.

It’s a “historical” fiction art house film that is definitely something different. It has this grim dark fatalistic mood throughout the entire movie. Also several scenes of side profile shots which I’ve never seen done like this in other movies.