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I enjoyed the American Anarchist, which is an interview with the guy that wrote the Anarchist Cookbook.

It gets a lot of poor reviews because the producer/interviewer is kinda a prick, but if you look beyond that you see a very interesting personality profiled. I thought it was worth the time.


Yeah! I liked it quite a bit as well. You’re right about the interviewer, definitely my least favorite part. I’m glad Powell was the driving force behind the documentary though.

@roguefrog Glad to hear you finally watched Valhalla Rising.

Has anyone checked out Stanford Prison Experiment yet? That had been sitting in my queue for some time, and I finally got around to checking it out and it had me at the edge of my couch quite often.


Still in my queue, but I spoke with someone who watched it.

You should take the “reality” aspect of it with a grain of salt, as I suspect they got the results they were hoping for (and therefore could have encouraged it).

I would recommend watching “An Honest Liar” on Netflix about the life of Amazing Randy if you have not seen it. It involves another Stanford U Experiment and has some interesting revelations about it and general bias inherent in scientific research in general, as well as other things. It is a fascinating film.


I did, it’s interesting given that it is a fairly accurate portrayal of what happened, and it’s nuts.


I wrote about this in another thread. Amazing doc. DO NOT READ ABOUT IT OR THE AMAZING RANDI BEFOREHAND. If all you know is that The Amazing Randi is the magician and hoax debunker that’s all you should take with you when you start it. Don’t go to wiki. Don’t google. Just watch the movie.


Big thumbs up from me.



I watched it when it was only available on DVD!


Me too. It reminds me of Aguirre: The Wrath of God (1972), although it has been a while since.


So is this the Official Netflix thread? I watched an animated short on there yesterday from 2008 and it was just so amazing that I had to recommend it. Enjoy!

How have I gone so long without knowing about this?



American Vandal looks amazing.


Is that a real thing?


I don’t think it’s based on an actual event. I think it’s lampooning true crime. What’s interesting is, the trailer doesn’t exactly broadcast this and it’s not immediately obvious that it’s actually a comedy. (At least, it wasn’t to me.)


Hashtag #whodrewallthedicks isn’t a dead giveaway? Looks fun, though.


Hey, its Trump’s America, tough to see where comedy ends and reality begins.


I didn’t mean I thought it was a real event… but is it actually a real movie? I guess yes?


Not even a movie. It’s an eight-part series.

They’re really playing the joke as straight as possible.


That’s Kauffman-esque.


Did they train the guy to sound like Vin Diesel?


See also Amazon’s new Comrade Detective, which I could have sworn was discussed on QT3 but I can’t find it anywhere. The premise is it’s a propagandistic Romanian cop show from the 80s, which has been remastered and dubbed into English by the likes of Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It’s astonishingly well realised, and played almost totally straight, except in so far as the propaganda elements come off as silly because, well, propaganda does.