Netflix "Watch Instantly" Question

I almost posted this in the other thread, but I don’t wanna muck it up.

I’m stuck in Big Spring TX for two weeks, and realized that this “watch instantly” idea is exactly what I need while I’m down here, since I’m watching all movies on my laptop anyway, and this would keep me from having to make more trips to Blockbuster.

So, I guess here’s my question – does the free trial have unlimited rentals? I already have the similar deal from Blockbuster, with the “free rental at the store for each movie you get online” deal too good to pass up, and I don’t need to pay for both…Though I might for a month, because it’s worth it while I’m down here.

Is the selection pretty good on the “watch instantly” titles? Does it include new releases, ever? And can I JUST watch stuff instantly without having movies shipped to my house, since I won’t even be there?

What do you guys think? Should I have a go at this?

EDIT: I can’t get the free trial, since I’ve been a member before (totally makes sense), so I guess I just need to know what the selection is like on the “watch me now” movies…worth 8.99 for two weeks?

Eh…nevermind. I’ve been looking through the selection, and while it’s OKAY, there’s nothing I’m just dying to watch, and, frankly, I don’t really know that I’ll have time to watch a lot of movies, anyway (working 7 12-hour days out here), so it probably wouldn’t be worth my money.

But…thanks, to those of you that were thinking about replying, lol.