Network Hardware Setup Help

So a few weeks ago, Netgear sent out a survey asking if folks would like to test a new gaming router and switch. I filled it out, thinking I’m a small fry and will never be chosen.

Well, these arrived today.

And I have no idea what to do with them. All I have currently is my cable modem/router from Spectrum.

Any advice on how to set these up would be amazing. Thank you.

Probably start with the router. Unbox it, look over the directions, plug it into your modem and see if you can connect to it via wireless and have internet access instead of the modem’s wi-fi network. Most likely it will give you a lot better wi-fi range than whatever your modem is providing now, if it’s providing wi-fi for you.

Sounds reasonable.

The switch isn’t going to be useful, unless you’re LAN gaming, even then, it’s not likely to be more useful than a generic $30 gigabit switch.

My house is wired, and I use a switch in the family room to connect the Roku box and the Steam Link to the network. If I had a console, perhaps I could connect it via the switch too.

What is a gaming switch supposed to do that a regular switch can’t? Apart from looking cooler, that is.

Yeah, I have one Ethernet line running through the house, so I have hubs in the family room and our bedroom allowing us to have a bunch of different devices physically connected, including several of our WiFi nodes.

The switch apparently has two high speed ports.

Assuming Netgear is going to let you keep it, test the router to be sure you like it, then call your ISP and tell them to put your modem in bridge mode so it’s no longer routing packets at all. And that’s about it.

If you have no use for the switch, buy a pair of googly eyes from Amazon, stick them on the front, then put it on your shelf for display purposes. Or like, sell it on Craiglist.

The two high speed ports on the switch are 10Gbe, which you assuredly do not have.

Thanks for the help guys! I’ll try to get it set up this week.

Cost more, I assume.