Network share between Mac and Windows

Sorry I have to be vague on this, I don’t really know much more than I’m posting here. Our house has a PC running Windows 7 that is sharing a folder to the network. My Windows 7 laptop can access those files fine. The 360 can access the video files fine. My wife’s Snow Leopard Macbook used to be able to access those files fine, by clicking Connect to Server and typing in smb://<server name>. Now it can’t, and I have no idea why. It says something not very specific like “Can’t connect to server”. I’ve also tried the IP address instead of the server name, which gave the same result. I don’t think anything has changed, but of course I don’t really know for sure.

On the server, I have Media Streaming turned on, and also the folder is shared to “Everyone” with read/write access.

Any idea?

Nevermind, figured it out through mad flailing.

What was the problem? Always helpful to leave a record. If it happened to you, it’ll happen to someone else. Often times when I think this, the someone else who might need the record ends up being… me!

Well, after turning on every sharing option I could find, I got to a point where it would let the Xbox and my computer in, but it wanted a username and password from the Mac. Using an actual username and password didn’t work, so I turned on the guest account. The Mac is now able to log in as a guest.