Networking question

I’m trying to connect (at work) a D-Link DSH-16 to a Cisco 2100 router. I’ve got a cable plugged into the uplink port, but it’s not uplinking. It should do that automatically, shouldn’t it?

So, I’m trying to find out what my next step should be. Should the cable be a crossover cable? I though uplink ports handled that on their own.

So, I’m stumped, and any suggestions would be welcome.

Try plugging it into one of the other ports.

Well…Tried it, and I’m getting a link light on the hub now, which is more than I was getting before. Might be able to make that work.

Still open to other suggestions, in case it doesn’t work, but it looks like it just might. Thanks.

Does cisco make a 2100 router? Are you sure it isn’t a switch?

This is actually a pretty easy fix Murph. First, you ask Tom for a Hardware Forum. Then, we attract several more Lloyd Cases. Finally, once there are about 45 hardware mavens lurking around, you repost this question.

This should all take about 3 months, but it should work pretty well.

Either that or try plugging and unplugging things until it works.

Yeah, it’s a Cisco router. I was told it was a 2100, but it’s locked up in a room that they don’t let me into very often… :-)

Anyway, I think it’s working. I’ve been able to ping both servers that, until this afternoon when I read XPav’s suggestion (so simple, I can’t believe that I didn’t think of it!), were on two different networks.

I think it’s gonna work. Thanks.

And yeah – a hardware forum would be a good idea.

Is this that same project you were working on a while back, Murph?

More or less…But more more than less, yeah.

Sadly, it’s not my full-time job to work on this sort of thing, so I have only a limited amount of time to dedicate to it. I’m finally getting back around to it.

And I think it’s gonna work.

Good for you, man. That’s how I learn best, too. Just roll up your sleeves and get to work.