Neuroshima Hex - January league

Current update:

As of page 9.

PM me or post to join! If you can take a turn or two a day in five games, you should be good to go.

Each of us will play each other player two times, with the same pair of armies. A win scores a point, and a tie a half point. Top four players will make the playoffs (unless we have 14+ players, for which we will use six top players).

Extra games may be played, and will be used to break ties.

Are you in? My guess is that you are committing to about 20 games during the month, or five games per week, guessing that about 10 of us will be in.

These players are in:

Qt3 nick (Game Center nick)

Dave Perkins (Ananab Tilps)
Vesper (Vesper6)
jaygittings (jaygittings)
Joe Bolt (josephbolt22)
prolix (unprolix)
dannimal (mrdannimal)
Scribble (Scribble1977)
pop58 (garyk58b)
Trung Trong (Thenafter)

These players from last month are not in until they say so:


When you make your challenge, choose two armies and create a game that reflects your choice, e.g.,

AT (g) Clyve (s)

would mean that I am playing Green versus Clyve as Smart. Winner reports the results (scores not necessary). Then the winner should create the second game and you swap teams.

Each of these official point games scores +1 for the winner (or +2 if your defeated opponent played in the last league’s playoffs). Ties score +1/2. Please report accordingly.

Once you’ve played ‘both ways’, each of you should challenge the next person down on the list who you haven’t played yet. In this way, we’ll eventually get all matchups taken care of.


Q: How does the league work this time?
A: Everyone will play each other player in one game, and the winner earns a point.

Q: Can I play without playing for points?
A: Sure! You just can’t make the playoffs, and it may be tough to get a game at times because of the hamsters on wheels at Big Daddy that run the servers.

Q: Who challenges whom?
A: I will explain when we start.

Q: If the league has started, can I still join?
A: Sure thing!

Q: Can I still challenge people a bunch of times like usual?
A: Yes, please do! The results of these extra games will break ties when we decide the top players for the playoffs. Overall win/loss record will break the remaining ties.

Q: When does the league end?
A: As soon as the last of the official point games has ended, which should be before the end of January.

I’m in.


By the way, I added a scoring tweak similar to that I just introduced in Ascension: if you beat a person who is in last month’s playoffs, you get +2, not just +1.

Vesper and jay, feel free to challenge me with any two teams you like!

I’m in.

Feel free to challenge me too, Joe!

Did you PM Trung about the December playoffs?

We started one game, I think he resigned, might be waiting on me to send the reverse match, but I’ll ping him.

But the scores are important this time. :(

Well, I’m willing to restart the matches, it was a misplaced tile that made things really bad.

Or, a resignation means I win 20-0! jk, :)

I will leave it to you two. Meanwhile, prolix keeps shoving my dudes onto mines.

Challenges going out!

hey Dave, Outpost is Green, not Blue. :)

Vesper, you wrote that I am playing “Opst” versus you as Molock, and I cannot wrap my mind around what the hell you’re talking about. :)

Am I the postal service? Or the “opposite” of Moloch, which would be what, the color opposite red on the color wheel?

Ohhh, Outpost!!

Maybe I’ll stick with colors for the basic 4 :)

In. So long as I don’t have to be neojungle anymore. Bleh.

Dave, if we weren’t doing mirror matches, I would make you play jungle against hegemony, but the idea of playing the reverse is unappealing…;)

So lets do an old fashioned red vs yellow. Sending you the challenge.

I’ll be in for this one. At some point I have to stop sucking, right?

This is your time, sir!

Jay, I like how just went screw it and put your Red HQ right smack in the center…

Too late to join? Just got the game.