Neuroshima Hex - Qt3 league

This is the catch-all thread for Neuroshima Hex. If you’d like to join, please send me a PM and tell me your Game Center name!

See the last posts of the thread for what’s going on!


Use this chart to make challenges.

To make a challenge: Click here to generate a random number. Find the number on the chart, using the YOU and ENEMY headings to determine who plays which team.


Q: I’m new to Neuroshima Hex. Can you help?
A: Here is clyve’s boot camp tutorial, and here’s an exhibition match that Justin Fletcher and I played in public, to help people learn. And here’s a public spreadsheet, maintained by Trung Truong, with matchup probabilities and strategy thoughts. Last, here are the rules online.

Q: How do we make challenges?
A: Each player should create two games, one against each of the two players below in the list (which wraps around). Thus, everyone will play four games each round.

When you create a game, either

  1. Use the matchup chart in the original post and roll a random pairing using the link below the chart (in the original post). If you take this approach, then name your game something like “AT (blue) prolix (doom)” so that your opponent knows which army to use without having to visit the thread.
  • or -
  1. Pick an army and name your game something like “AT (jungle) prolix (?)” so that your opponent knows to choose an army.

Q: What if I think that the random matchup sucks?
A: Everyone gets one mulligan to use during the round that will reroll the matchup (no matter who rolled it).

Q: How does the tournament proceed?
A: Anyone who loses all four games in a round is knocked out. If no one loses all four games in a round, then all players with the least cumulative wins are knocked out.

Q: Who have been in the finals?

[B]Hall of Hex Fame:[/B]

Hot Potato 1 : Dave Perkins > Joe Bolt

Epic Tourney : clyve > soondifferent
Melting Pot 8: clyve > the world
Melting Pot 7: ankamela > clyve
Melting Pot 6: PAL > Vesper
Melting Pot 5: ankamela > Dave Perkins
Melting Pot 4: Dave Perkins > ankamela
Melting Pot 3: Dave Perkins > clyve
Melting Pot 2: clyve > Dave Perkins

Melting Pot 1: opkopk & Trung Truong
Aug: soondifferent > jaygittings
Jul: Tukosh > prolix
Jun: A.o.D > prolix
May: opkopk > soondifferent
Apr: soondifferent > opkopk
Mar: Dave Perkins > dannimal
Feb: Joe Bolt > dannimal
Jan: Trung Truong > Joe Bolt

Dec: Joe Bolt > Dave Perkins
Nov: Trung Truong > prolix
Oct: clyve > Dave Perkins
Sep: Joe Bolt > A.o.D
Aug: Dave Perkins > prolix
Jul: Tim James > Dave Perkins
Jun: soondifferent > prolix
May: Lantz > Volksy

MP9: ?
MP10: ?
MP11: ?
MP12: ?
MP13: ?
MP14: ?
MP15: clyve & jaygittings co-champs

In, of course.

Go ahead and get started in the April league as soon as you’d like to!

In, duh.

Hide your women and possibly some good looking men with long hair.

I’m in.

April Fool’s??

Done and done. Now what?

Start making challenges!


I’m in.

30 Maya (Vegas) vs ankamela (Jungle)
27 Maya (Smart) vs opkopk (Jungle)
19 Maya(Jungle) vs TheDukester (Smart)
21 Maya (NY) vs prolix (Borgo)
17 Maya (Hegemony) vs Scott Dobros (Vegas)

Invites Out

7 SD(Red) Vs AT(Green)
12 SD(Green) Vs Annie(Smart)
22 SD(NY) Vs Opkopk(Red)
26 SD(Smart) Vs TheDukester(Green)

Dave, go ahead and add me to the game when you get a chance. And who has an open spot? I will throw you an invite.


Please challenge me people for easy points! I won’t be able to make challenges until the weekend.

I have lots of open spots. Please send invites!

I have two open spots!

Invites sent out to

Trung (blue) vs jaygittings (sp)
Vesper (yellow) vs jaygittings (red)
Prolix (green) vs jaygittings (sp)

Invites sent:
Vesper (B) vs Trung (NY)
Vesper ($) vs Prolix (Y)
Vesper (Sm) vs opkopk (SP)