Neuroshima Hex - Qt3 league

TheDukester (Smart) 12, Mayach (Jungle) 8. GG; interesting matchup.

I’m relatively new to this game so forgive the noobish question, but when playing on the iphone is there a way to prevent the tile-selection overlay from obscuring the bottom half of the map??

EDIT: ahhh, there is a button on the lower left that does the trick.

I think you can swipe it away or tap the edge of it, and it’ll tuck away.

Another noob question: I got an iPhone and installed N Hex and can’t remember the password that I used for creating my account. Any options?

I have space for one game. Please send a challenge.

They emailed it to you once. I think.

Ok guys/gals. I’m all fulls up. Got five games going right now.

I saw your invite in my notifications, but it didn’t show up in-game, so I sent it backatcha. Queue’s full now.

I have an open slot, ready for a challenge.

scottdobros (smart) over the dukester (green) 9-8

opkopk(Jungle) over MayaChoi(Smart) 5-3 in a dogfight, down to the last turn, close one.
I have one slot open.


24 Maya (NY) vs Jay (SP)
10 Maya (Red) vs Trung (NY)

Maya (NY) > prolix (Borgo)
Maya (Hegemony) > Scott Dobros (Vegas)

Good games guys.

Challenging maya (33) - I’m Steel Police, maya is New York.
Challenging Trung (26) - I’m Smart, Trung is Outpost. Oooooooooo best matchup ever!

Trung - my invite to you expired… are you full up on games?

Nope I didn’t get anything. I have 2 slots free. I’ll send to an invite.

@Dave, I’m trying something different for opening. What do you think?!! I need your approval.

You mean where you put your HQ?

Trung has 3+ accounts. When you invite him, invite them all.

annie peeps(smart) = scott dobros(green) 13-13
that was fun Scott! good game!

Yup had a lot of fun with that one : )

Tons of Smart vs Green games going on. As of a couple of days ago, I had FOUR such games going! Great fun.