Never take a bus across Manitoba

Yeah, I’ve been following this story with no small amount of horror.

It’s just awful. The thought of this kind of brutal, senseless violence occuring randomly is scary.

I suspect, with no evidence at all, that the killer will turn out to be suffering from delusions, and that he’ll spend the rest of his life in a psychiatric institution. Which will be no comfort at all to the victim’s family. I have to believe it was serious psychosis, because otherwise it just leaves demonic possession, a la “black smoke” on Supernatural. Where are Sam and Dean when you need them?

Just fucked up beyond everything I’ve heard since the dungeon in Austria. The bus terminal where the killer got on is like a ten minute walk from my house.

Some people are insane. Some people snap and go insane. Shit like this is random.

The guy’s a Muslim. It’s not random.

I sincerely hope that is some form of ultra-dark, sarcastic humour the rest of us just aren’t getting…

Any chance you could edit that post Rollory? I’m not sure if that was supposed to be a joke or you didn’t mean those those two sentences to sit together quite like that or it’s just that you’re stupid.

Regardless of the rationale that’s a ridiculous thing to say.

Sounded like dark P&R humor to me.

He also was eating the guy.,2933,396581,00.html Also, Vince Weiguang Li doesn’t sound like a muslim name but what do I know?

Why do you want us to lose?

He was mentally ill (obviously). And recently began attending a Baptist church.


You might want to review Rollory’s posting history, I’m pretty sure he’s serious.

A google search turns up an unsourced rumor floating around right wing sites that he said he was “motivated by the koran”. Not that it really matters, this kind of attack is about the psychotic state of the attacker, not whatever their addled brain thinks their motivation is (see the recent church shooting for example).

Just another post encouraging me to add Rollory to my ignore list… which would then have a population of 1.

The ‘Koran made me do it’ motive press release was leaked from RCMP and has been denied since CBC pulled it from their site. Rollery probably read it on some right-wing site that’s UP IN ARMS OVER THE COVERUP(!!!).

Sounds like Rollory to me.

I’ve said some seriously stupid things on Qt3 before but… damn.

The guy’s a Greek. It’s not random.

Is this a copy cat killing or has the world gone mad?

Where is Jack Thompson to blame it on video games?