Neverwinter Nights Beta

I’ve been itchin’ to talk to you guys about this, and finally the boards are back!!

How many of you are playing the beta? Am I the only one that thinks this game is going to absolutely rock? I’m just loving it!

Anyway, I know it’s gone gold and all, and I’m seriously looking forward to it!!

What about the rest of you?

Lots of talk about bugs in the beta. Was the game put out to meet a deadline and we’ll get to pay to troubleshoot all the problems? Well, maybe you’ll get to pay to troubleshoot. I won’t be shelling out $54.99 for this game or any other.

Sony is following through with the $39.99 regular price on PS2 games and PC games are becoming more expensive?!


Yeah, the price tag hurts…But it’ll be worth it.

I came in on the tail end of the beta, but at this point, it’s really stable (even on my agin system.) I’m surprised that the beta was so short, but I don’t expect the final version to be a bug-fest, based on what I’ve seen.

But…Oh, my! I’m so in love!

I wasn’t in the beta, but I did download the beta toolset. I was impressed. I think we’re going to see a ton of mods. I’m really looking forward to the full game.

I will definitely buy NWN and gladly pay $54.99 because by most accounts it should be very good. What I won’t pay $54.99 for is a rehashed FPS with boring single player and weak multiplayer. :)

– Xaroc

My household (i.e., the Mrs.) is eagerly awaiting this title, but the major concern we have is the single player element.

Though the 60 hours SP adventure included is a nice thought, are we justified in our concern that the existing mod community will focus on developing new MP campaigns? We have neither the time nor the talent to develop SP mods for each other (though the prospect of sending my fireball happy wife into a room full of fire elementals has a certain poetic justice to it).

Does the Beta give any indication to how much the staff at Bioware put into the Sp game?

TSG, I think a lot of the mods will work for single-player. I’ve read about some of the fan mods in the works and not many of them talk about being designed for DMing.

I also think using the editor will be entertaining in itself. With the beta editor I was able to quickly create some content. It’s easy to use and quite powerful.

Oh my God I hate these smilies. Please make them go away!

Anyway, Murph, I would be psyched to hear anything you want to tell about the Beta. I’m totally pumped to get this baby. I too have messed around a lot with the toolset, and am very impressed. In the Beta, do you get to try the DM client?

I’ve only been able to mess around with the client so far. The beta toolset is a separate download, and I wasn’t able to try the DM tools.

The camera work takes a bit of getting used to. I’m usually of the opinion that the player should NOT have to manipulate the camera to enjoy the game experience. I guess I wish more of the walls were semi-transparent…

[EDIT] Don’t get me wrong, the beta is tremendously entertaining!

  • Alan

Just a nitpick… but I was hoping NWN would be able to be played thru first person. I do know they added a WASD movement so I dont know how hard it would be to add first person mod. I think that playing in first person would add alot more ‘immersion’ to DMing players online.

As is, the game looks like it will be good anyway. So I shouldnt complain!


“Oh my God I hate these smilies. Please make them go away!”

I think I can turn them off, but they’re so stupid they’re making me laugh.

Patience, my son. 8)

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The camera movement bothered me a teensy-weensy bit for about five minutes. Now, it’s second nature, and I don’t know how I ever got along without it.

There’s no DM Client in the beta, and I haven’t touched the beta toolkit, so I can’t comment on those. What I can say is that I’m shocked and amazed and how well they implemented the 3rd. Edition ruleset (though it’s a bit lighter on the skills, in the beta at least, than I had expected, but it’s adequate…And they – or we – can always add more, I think.)

Based on the first chapter (well, plus the “prelude”) that we’ve got in the beta, I’d say the story is going to be engaging, combat animations rock, it’s beautiful, and gameplay is awesome. Character development is about as fleshed-out as anyone could want, and the citizens don’t just all stand around in one place. Shops are “open” at night, just like they are during the day – same shopkeeper and everything – which disappointed the thief in me, but I’ll deal.

Jason Cross said, right after E3, that everything you wanted them to do with the game, they were doing. I heartily agree. It’s everything I hoped for!

Have you finished Chapter 1? Chapter 2 has a hell of an ending, even topping 1. Just whetting your appetite, :twisted:

Not quite.

The darn beta, bless its heart, is set up multiplayer only – which leads to you not being able to save your progress in the story (you can just export your character), and I haven’t been able to get more than a handful of consecutive hours’ time yet. Maybe this weekend – the wife’s gonna be out of town. Whatever shall I do?

All they gave us in the beta was the prelude and chapter 1, but that’s been plenty for me so far, since, like I said, there’s no save feature. (I’m sure the host can save game progress, but since we’re all joining MP servers they’ve set up for us, we can’t. Which bites. But it’s better than nothing.)

For what it’s worth, I didn’t notice many bugs in the beta. Not that I had much time to play prior to the game going gold (Infogrames sent the disc to the wrong address at first, then they forgot to send out CD keys, then they followed up by sending me two CD keys, and then later a third one… heh). There was a minor pathfinding bug when I first started playing, but that seems to have been fixed. Jason Cross found a bug with traps (my bard can’t find or detect traps, so I cant confirm or verify that one personally). Mostly it seemed pretty solid, though.

Damn, it’s fun, though. I can’t wait to start building some modules…

Is the beta still available?

Whoa, talk about Night of the Living Thread… uh… the beta is long dead and buried.

I believe there is a demo on Try there.

Maybe it was a joke, like, the beta sounds like more fun than the retail version.

We now have demo out for those that want to try it.