Neverwinter Nights Editing

When Neverwinter Nights came out I picked up the “Official World Builder Guide” from Versus books with the intention of learing some scripting and level design for the game.

Like most good intentions my plans got swept under the proverbial rug. I recently installed the game and the expansions today, with the intention of finishing them up playwise, playing some of the user made modules, perphaps buying the Pirates, and Kingmaker modules, and finally fooling around with the Toolset.

I am sure the book I mentioned is way out of date. I was wondering if anyone here knows of any sites that are perhaps definative of the NWN editing community with updated tutorials (both basic and advanced), as well as other resources for designing with the toolsest.

I believe you can find everything you need at Bioware’s official forums. In particular, look for the following forums:

DMs - Dungeon Master’s Realm
Builders - NWN Toolset
Builders - NWN Scripting
Builders - NWN Custom Content
For Developers
NWN Server Admin

This should get you up and started.
has everything that Bioware should have put in their documentation but didn’t.

Awesome guys, much appreciated.

Get the Lilac Soul script generator. Even hard-core scripters use it to save time…and it allows newbies to generate some scripts that work, learning as they go.

If you aren’t already familiar with a C-syntax-like language (C, C++, Java, etc), I’d also recommend checking out a simple C or C++ tutorial. Most of chapters 1 and 2 of this would be applicable. If you go this route, however, you’ll have to unlearn a thing or two; the advantage is that C and C++ tutorials are more numerous than NWScript tutorials, and some are better-written.

And, as a personal note, I have some reservations about using the Lilac Soul generator. It certainly generates code that works, but I am very anal about things like consistent code indentation styles. (Which the generator is not.) Also, I’ve been messing around with code long enough that I can usually bash out simple scripts from scratch no slower, at least, than using the generator. (Though of course it’s quite helpful for the newbie.)

There’s a .pdf manual here.

The actual site is here.

If you have an idea but can’t quite figure out how to implement it, just PM me. I’m used to scripting things it was never intended to do.

Again, thanks for all the links all very useful.

HRose, that PDF manual was exactly what I was looking for…did you predict my desire for it on your Blog last year (just kidding) ? :lol:

Mighty Mooquack, I took C in college back in the stone age, so I am definately due for a refresher

Eliandi, the script generator looks like it will be useful… thanks

Sean thanks for the offer I am sure I will get in over my head at some point/

The Builder’s Project guild forum

Also make sure to look at the active forums for TBP, makers of the pdf HRose linked. Plenty of good info, especially in Help Desk.