Neverwinter Nights modules

Inspired by graller’s Neverwinter Nights thread…

For those who have some favorite modules (since there are now, like, what? Nearly 3,000 of them out there…), let’s share. I’m hoping to get in some good MP in the upcoming weeks, and I’d like to have some ideas for something fresh. A good persistent world would be great, if anybody knows of one.

My personal (single-player) favorites:

Any/all of the Lone Wolf modules.
Twilight (great paladin mod, with some interesting henchman interactions)
Avatarship (a U4 remake that, so far, is pretty good, though I wish they would’ve stuck with the traditional NWN conversations…)
Witch’s Wake - Man, I’d like to see these start back up!

Those are the exceptional ones I’ve played. There are several that are pretty good (Penultima, which I didn’t love as much as most; Tragedy in Tragidor; Trials of the Spirit), but weren’t quite as above-and-beyond as those, if you ask me.

Anyone else got favorites?

I mentioned these in the other thread but they deserve mention here as well:

Parthenon 1-3
U1-3 - Saltmarsh series
Keep on the Borderlands (B2) HCR v110.mod
Spires of Ravenloft the DungeonMaster modded one

Yes I have a heavy leaning toward the older classic D&D module conversions. I have yet to try WitchWake. I have them of course, just not tried yet. Murph what timezone are you in. I would not mind having a choice in getting some MP in sometime.

Yeah Lone wolf and twilight were great though I think the long wolf series was cancelled. I’m played through Adam millers shadowlords modules and just started with dreamcatcher witch is fantastic and I’d say easily better and more epic then either of the neverwinter official campaigns (Though I havn’t finished Sou yet so maby it’s to early to say)

I keep meaning to get around to Shadowlords. I’ve got them, just haven’t run through them.

Graller, I don’t know if I’ll be running 'net games or LAN games at this point, but if run 'net games, we’ll be starting around 10:30 CST and going for several hours each night, probably starting tomorrow (Tuesday) night.

Don’t know what mods we’re gonna run yet.

Based on what Mark Asher posted in the other thread here’s a thought. It might be fun to get a simple QT3 campaign running. Start at level one in one of the better low level mods like Keep on the Border that is designed for 4-6 characters and give it a whirl some night. Just set a time and place for a game with a password and host server name posted here. See if we can fill a nice little party and go out and have some fun? Post a Wilco server as well and just give it a try. I would be up for it this week one night.

Could be fun. Maybe we could get Tom Ohle in on it, as I think he’s the World’s Best DM™.

I’d love to play through a mod with a bigger group, though. If we can make it work, count me in.

Here is my list (how I played them):
Shadowlords and Dreamcatcher (single) – both fantastic, this guy really pushs the limits of what the engine can do

Birthright of the North (multi) – gigantic and a slew of subquests and areas to explore, definitely not linear, says it has 25-40 hours of gameplay I believe him

Queen of the Demonweb Pits (multi) – an incredible conversion of the PnP module, can’t recommend it enough, there are a couple of broken secret doors in 1.30 but it didn’t stop us from completing it

Sunless Citadel (multi) – not bad, a bit short, good if you want a quick 3 or so hour module to run through

An Ancient Heart (single) – pretty good so far I am about 2 or 3 hours in

– Xaroc

I’ll play. A good starting time for me is something like 10PM CST, though. It’s difficult for me to get an extended block of computer time otherwise.

Does someone have to DM it, or do we just play through the module? Ever since I went to GenCon, I’ve been interested in a trying to join a pen and paper game, but this might be better.

I wouldn’t mind getting into this either.

— Alan

DMs are unnecessary, so we probably won’t use one. I hear it enhances the experience, but we can certainly get along without.

What day works best for everyone this week? (Or should we schedule this for next week, to make sure we have time?)

I can catch up on sleep this weekend. I am up for this. Murph lets see if we can get a volunteer to host who can start a bit sooner. It would give people a chance to connect and roll up characters ahead of you. Also set up a Wilco server. Then we could jump right in at 11 EDT. Wed & Thu work for me this week.

Let’s pick a module and level-base and work from there too beforehand. I’ll have to reload and see if I have any of my old characters yet. Prolapsed Rectum the Monk may make a reappearance :)

— Alan

How many players can the engine handle? I would be interested in any case.

First off, are there any other conversions of old D&D pnp modules out there for NWN? Specifically, there was a fantastically creative one I remember based on the Averoigne series by Clark Ashton Smith. When I was in high school, I DM’d it for some friends, and we all pronounced it the coolest D&D module we’d ever played.

Second off, I’d be very interested in a NWN campaign/module with Qt3’ers, as well.

I think we have to start at Level 1 - Most mod’s I have seen are geared in the 6 player range. I believe beyond 10 or so and things get a bit bumpy. I am open to non-traditional mods as a starting point - otherwise Sunless Citadel and Keep on the Borderlands come to mind for me.

Alan Prolapsed Rectum the Monk sounds frightening to me.

We should be able to start at any level. We won’t be required to start at level 1.

It makes no difference to me. Any mod is fine, and any level works for me.

Guild War is a terrific (and long) module. It focuses on playing a rogue.

Try this site, the Proficients of Pencil and Paper.

Ok - Lets get serious about this…

Wednesday night - Start really playing at 11 PM EDT

Things to organize ahead of that:

Wilco server or variant…
Characters - Server or Local Characters, Level
Participants. It looks like we have about 6-8 people interested right now correct? I really would like to do this so lets get organized shall we

I’d definatley be interested. I’ve been looking for a reason to reinstall NWN. I don’t have Urentide, however.