New Age of Wonders game announced

From the press release:


Latest Installment In The Spellbinding Fantasy Series Slated For Release In
Summer 2003

Baltimore, MD - May 2nd, 2003 - Computer and video game publisher
Gathering, (a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
(NASDAQ:TTWO) and critically acclaimed software developer Triumph Studios,
today announced that “Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic” for PC is currently in

Due for release in North America in July 2003, “Age of Wonders: Shadow
Magic” is set to become the new benchmark for fantasy titles. Dutch
developers Triumph Studios have a proven track record in this genre.

This enchanting fantasy game throws players into the heart of a
mythological world where a new Empire has launched an aggressive assault on
the Ancient Races and all things magic. Meanwhile an even greater evil
populated by hellish demons breeds in its shadows.

Assuming the roles of mythical champions, players must make use of the
dozens of new and spectacular spells available, strike allegiances wisely
and take on the evil Phobius who threatens to turn this dream-like world
into a living nightmare for all its inhabitants. It’s a daunting task but
through courage, ambition and strategic play, gamers can aspire to become
the greatest sorcerer of all time and the supreme ruler of an enchanted

This latest addition to the series will enable players to experience the
all new and eerie Shadow World dimension and battle with races never seen
before across new and diverse landscapes. Combined with the option of
creating a totally unique environment with the map generator and rewriting
the history of this world time and time again through the enhanced campaign
editor, players are ensured a constant stream of completely new game

“Triumph has a wealth of experience in the fantasy genre,” said Graeme
Struthers, Vice President of Gathering. “‘Shadow Magic’ continues to
maintain the precedent for high standards set by the original game,
elaborating on the praised fusion of empire building, role playing and
tactical combat.”

“With each installment we have aspired to appeal to both die-hard fantasy
fans and attract new players to the genre,” said Lennart Sas, Lead Designer
on the project at Triumph Studios. “We have paid particular attention to
the interface to ensure that the now almost limitless modification options
are easily accessible and enable newcomers to get straight into the action.”

“Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic” is planned for release in North America in
July 2003. For more information on this and other Take-Two Interactive
products, visit

Where you been boy?

The phrasing in the PR suggests this is a standalone/sequel title rather than an expansion pack. Is that the case?

If it really comes with a map generator I’ll be interested; that adds a lot to replayability.

That’s the way I interpreted it also. I’d think that, if it required AoW2, they would say so.


Not sure why they did not simply state “stand-alone” product in there, but I agree that is what it sounds like.

The random map generator will be something if it works properly. The HoMM III RMG that was in one of the expansions was a little wonky. Are there any other turn-based games with RMG? I cannot think of one.

Um, Civ 3? Civ 2? Civ 1? MoM? Master of Orion? Historically, there have been tons of them.

Um, Civ 3? Civ 2? Civ 1? MoM? Master of Orion? Historically, there have been tons of them.[/quote]

Hehe. Let’s pretend I did not ask that question, shall we?