New Alan Wake footage
Skip forward to about 17:00. Alternatively, gameklip.

Should a company really be bragging that their engine only runs well on an overclocked quad-core CPU?

I have to admit, this is exactly the sort of developer attitude that drives people to console gaming.

Anyone else unable to play this? I don’t mean the game. I mean the video file.

I can’t wait to upgrade my computer.

Actually, the volumetric lighting in Alan Wake almost makes UE3 look dated. That was some amazing stuff.

Good lord. Well, so much for the PhysX cards.

That’s not quite what they said though. They mentioned that the quality scales with the number of cores, not that it runs well only with 4 cores.

Direct download doesn’t seem to be possible, but left-clicking on the link should pop up Windows Media Player, or whatever stream-compatible player you have associated with WMVs.

Mighty impressive.

Also realize - this was from the keynote at Intel Developer Forum, where they’re revealing the quad-core chips shipping this year. The whole goal is to hype up how much better everything gets with quad-core.

It’s one of those “Consider the source” moments. :)

Indeed. I can’t count the amount of times ATI or Nvidia claimed that a game was only possible or playable on their technology.

I was in the audience, watching this, when it ran.

In some ways, it wasn’t anything all that special. But the tornado scene was pretty amazing, and lights really looked like… lights. Heck, the flashlight looked like a flashlight in action, not like some weird light circle.

The outdoor scenes were also pretty impressive – sort of amped up an order of magnitude over Far Cry.

Dunno if it will be a good game or not, but I predict it will be the demo game of 2007, along with Crysis.

Looks very pretty.

The animations on Alan himself look fucking awful though.

That’s remedy for you. They can make a top notch well performing cinematic engine, but they can’t animate or rig a character.

Intel says 80 cores in 5 years, one chip = one teraflop.

Boo yah!

Intel to programmers: WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW?

It’s certainly something that we have to improve upon.

Here’s some new screenshots as well:

Please make Max Payne 3 kthxbye.

“Alan Wake”? What kind of name is that for a game? Is the subtitle going to be “Wake the Payne”?

Looking at the way Alan ran gave me flashbacks to Nocturne.

Thankfully, I look at that more as a good thing than a bad thing.