New Amazon docuseries from Fyre Festival folks: Lularoe


Another MLM? Gah not sure I can sit through that with my red meter going off. I hope those scammers are going to jail.

I assume you mean the people who made the documentary about the Fyre Festival, not the actual Fyre Festival folks.

I’ll probably watch this. I feel like I could make my own documentary based on some of the people I know who fell for LulaRoe. It’s interesting, in a sad way, any time an MLM hooks people who previously thought of themselves as resistant to MLMs.

Whoops forgot the “makers of FF documentary“ in subject.

Billy served his four years in prison, got out, and HE HAS A NEW FESTIVAL

Looks like that idea is gold! Or at least iron PYRT.

Surely he’s learned from his earlier mistakes?

Stop calling me Shirley.

If anybody buys into this and find themselves stranded on an island with a packet of chips and a can of coke for their dinner, it’s on them for falling for the same fraud.