New American Godzilla Movie

Not only is Godzilla a bad ass, he has pro-wrestling moves. I just watched a Godzilla movie marathon on Netflix streaming. Go go Godzilla!

I really liked Godzilla vs. Biolante. Gotta see if Netflix has that. It’s been far too long since my last viewing.


Although maybe Cloverfield could defeat 70’s Godzilla…

I’m going to try to slip “Living Nuclear Furnace” into casual conversation as often as possible from now on out.

Remember, the Cloverfield monster was a newly hatched baby - he’s probably be 10x bigger than Godzilla when fully grown. He may chomp Godzilla’s head off like HUDs by that point.

Chomping the head off of a LIVING NUCLEAR FURNACE would have predictable results.

If Godzilla is faced with an entity far beyond his weight class, he’d still be able to inflict a great deal of damage, and so a creature “merely” 10x as large would still be hesitant to engage.

It is at this point that a fearsome alliance would be likely to emerge–or conceivably worse, two massive threats moving in opposite directions. We must drive Godzilla away from a theoretical entity such as Clive Prime at all costs!

Biollante was 10x bigger than Godzilla, and it still went down like a bitch.
(Okay, maybe 3x)

Time and time again humanity underestimates the power of Godzilla.
He is an unstoppable force of nature, the living embodiment of the power of the earth itself.
Our bombs did not create Godzilla, they simply UNLEASHED him.

His theme song ALONE could defeat any Hollywood pretender to his throne.

Take that, you dinosaur!

Dang! Now that would be a really great Godzilla update. Ifukube’s iconic score, effects that make no excuses, Godzilla looking like he should.

Took me a second to realize all this was part of a non-Godzilla movie

Well, now I know why the Psychonauts Goggalor theme sounded so familiar.

Comicon trailer has leaked but it’s getting pulled rapidly. Here are some shots while you try and find it.

Found it here for now.

Pretty cool, hope it turns out good.

Yeah, I liked it a lot.

Oh man that looks so pretty. I know movies like this have to focus on humanity’s reaction to Godzilla by way of a viewpoint character who is involved with trying to deal with it, but I’d love to see a Godzilla movie thats just about Godzilla, and only follows Godzilla’s perspective.

See, but then all I can think of is sad Hulk music while Godzilla wanders around wondering why nobody likes him.

hahaha fair point

Even better, the sad Peanuts piano theme.

Not that it was a very good movie but after Pacific Rim this just seems like sorta meh…

After the movie inspired by one of the granddaddys of the genre, the return of the original seems meh? I’m not following the logic, at all.

I wonder if the defeated monster (all those feet) is an existing monster from the series or a new creation. If existing, I can’t really match it up.