New Angeles Forum Game: Capital, CAPITAL!


In the grim future of CAPITALIST ENDGAME, there is only profit.

From the archives of the Founder:

Welcome to the first ever Qt3 New Angeles Forum Game!

Caveat Emptor:

  1. I have never run a forum game before. Do not expect the quality of service you get from the forum games run by @CraigM or @Knightsaber.
  2. This will probably be a slow-burn. I have no idea how long this might take.
  3. I am not an expert New Angeles player, so expect some hiccups.
  4. Hell is other people.

Some useful resources:
Learn to Play rules
Rules Reference
Geek & Sundry Learn to Play Video, Down to Game Rules Explanation.

I recently picked up the game and thought I’d try running it as a forum game. I think I have figured out a feasible way to handle the logistics of it, and decided to jump in.

Player list:

  1. Perky_Goth - Haas-Bioroid
  2. soondifferent - Melange Mining
  3. Lantz - NBN
  4. Tim_N - Jinteki
  5. rowe33 - Wayland Consortium
  6. rho21 - Globalsec

Game Board and Public Information:

The main mechanic in this game is negotiation, but I think it runs counter to the spirit of the game if you make deals in private via PMs. This also means that this might be a slower type of forum game than we are used to.

Various Notes:
*The rules state that players cannot tell each other which cards they have in their hands.
*The different statuses on the board spaces do as follows:
*Android: An area with an Android present is exploited and produces resources at the end of the Round. This increases Unrest by one.
*Protest: A district in protest can still produce resources.
*Strike: A district in strike cannot produce any resources.
*Outage: A district in outage cannot produce any resources.
*Development: The value of the primary resource in the district is increased by one.
*Illness: When an action card is resolved, if it involved at least 1 district that has an illness token, threat is increased by two.
*Orgcrime Unit: A district that has an OrgCrime (OrC) unit cannot produce its primary resource.
*Human First Unit: When a district that has a Human First (HuFi) unit is exploited, increase unrest by two stages instead of one. If it cannot increase by two stages, place an outage token in the district.
*PriSec Unit: When an enemy unit is placed or moved into a district containing a prisec unit, that enemy unit must move. When a PriSec unit is placed in a district containing an enemy unit, that enemy unit must move.
*New Angeles consumes all produced resources during the Demand round. This means that all Supplies are reset to 0 before the next Demand is revealed.
*Your Exhausted cards are refreshed at the start of your turn when you are Active Player. Emergency Actions are not exhausted when played, but turned face down. They are not refreshed when you become Active Player.

Negotiation is the key to success in New Angeles since a player rarely wins a deal without the support of other
players. Players should do their best to gather support for their actions and are highly encouraged to do so through
any means necessary. Sometimes a player can argue that his action is just what the city needs. However, winners do not rely on necessity; a promised reward or thinly veiled threat can be just as persuasive, and nothing greases the wheels of industry like the simple exchange of capital.

Players are highly encouraged to influence other players via any means necessary. As such, players can give or trade their capital and assets to gain support during a deal, to encourage certain actions to be played, to swap assets, etc. All promises made by players concerning the future are non-binding— players can make promises and not fulfill them. However, if both players can immediately and completely fulfill the terms of the trade, they must do so.

Album of Action Cards and Emergency Actions



@Perky_Goth ping


Sorry, just a bit busy at the moment, but I appreciate the heads up.


I’m in! Never knew they had a series of games in the Android universe. I have a copy of Android I brought on sale that I’ve only ever opened to look at the pictures.


I have never played a forum board game, heard of this particular game, or done anything in the Android universe, but consider me thoroughly intrigued! If it would be smarter to just watch the first time through, I’m very okay with that (the BSG games are waaaay too fast for me to keep up with as a spectator so I’ve never really tried to get into it), and if a seasoned hand comes up and wants a spot, I don’t mind stepping aside :)


Happy to watch this from the sidelines, but also very happy to see another forum game rise up. I’ve been considering picking this one up, so seeing this play out will be massively helpful in making that decision down the road.


We always welcome newcomers, so that’s not an issue. I advise reading the learn to play rules and watching the video, though!


Watched the video and it gave me the heebie-jeebies, so I’ll pass for now. Thanks for the ping and the invite, though!


I couldn’t get the images to work properly, but as I far as I can understand there’s no way for anyone but me to access the hidden sheets with the public view. I updated the link to the game board and public information in the first post.

Noted @Knightsaber. That is probably not the best video I could find. Here’s another one:


It’s like if Alton Brown made bad video game rules explanation videos.


Don’t get me wrong, I grasped it, read the rule book. I’d be better at BSG than this. I’ll be watching you guys, though.


I don’t think I got you wrong, but that video is rough!


I haven’t looked at any of the videos or manuals yet, just jumping in with eyes closed. Good luck to anyone playing with me.


This is the way these games are meant to be played.


Thanks for the invite! I’m still too busy too to be able to participate, but I’ll definitely watch what happens.


Since it isn’t getting enough interest, I’ll take a look in a little while and tell you if I’m interested.


This is a better video, although the production level is fairly lower.
This seems fun enough, though I’ll likely suck. I’m game.


@rowe33, @Lantz, @soondifferent, @ArmandoPenblade and @Perky_Goth makes five, which is enough players. I’ll wait a little while to see if there is a straggler.

I’ll post brief explanations before each step so that we all get up to speed.


If you’re still looking for someone I will join!

Disclaimer: I live in Australia so will be always out roughly 7:30am-3:30pm new york time.


Looking over my calendar for this month, I see a few spots where I could be pretty massively unavailable, a couple for 2-3 days at a time, so I think I will opt to pull back. Apologies :(