New Angeles Forum Game: Capital, CAPITAL!


I’ll pass @rho21


Sure, let’s do this. Pass @Jorn_Weines


Labor Solution passes unopposed. Where do you activate it @Perky_Goth?


I feel I could and should use this opportunity for some shenanigans, but I wont.

Move 1 to 4
Move 8 to 7

I’ll keep the asset unused for now.


I’m not sure you have a choice not to use the asset though, looks like you’ll have to pick by the end of turn.

I’m still in favor of a plan to split the impact of this asset, but it’s beginning to look like it will be tough to get consensus on this. So failing an agreement that satisfies everyone, I’ll offer to host Susan Chen for the next turn, and send her back to you at the end of my turn along with 1 capital. This way she will be apart from you for the least amount of time, and seeing how you have the final vote on my proposals, I’m eager to maintain good relations with Haas and I’m most likely to keep my word. @Perky_Goth

Not to mention now that Jinteki has revealed that they consider Melange their rival, you have nothing to worry about from us.


I checked, one doesn’t have to use end of turn cards (I was looking for whether this turn counted). Of course, your offer is too good to pass, so I accept and use it.


Ah, interesting! I thought that since there’s no “may” keyword the effect was compulsory. Good news regardless, here’s to a new era of cooperation between Haas and Melange!

(I was wondering what Tri-maf means, turns out it’s some sort of Triad-Mafia chimera.)

@Jorn_Weines I’ll take security and labour for my Sunny cards.



I was playing Gloomhaven, so late update.

Labor Solution moves the patended Bioroids to Districts 4 and 7. +2 Capital to @Perky_Goth’s Haas-Bioroid. You must also state where the OrgCrime Unit is placed (any district).

This generates some threat from the Illness in District 7. Cards sent to @soondifferent. You can also decide which 3 cards you want for your Start of Turn.

I’ll do the End of Turn Asset and Capital updates when the OrgCrime Unit is placed. Perky also needs to discard 2 cards (send PM).


OrgCrime to 10


OK. Some new organized crime in the top tiers of LA. Could it be the IOC that has arrived to oversee the final preparation for the World Cup?

@Perky_Goth uses the new Asset, gains a further +2 Capital, then transfers it to @soondifferent.

I’ve sent the Threat cards to @soondifferent. @Perky_Goth has sent me the discards.

All good to go for @soondifferent’s choice of cards and we can set up the next Deal!


I’ll take a security, construction and media @Jorn_Weines


Cards sent. The construction Action Card deck is now depleted, which means that all the discards will be shuffled into their respective draw decks soon.

The new Asset:

Board state:

Your offer is up @soondifferent.


What a powerful asset!

It guarantees the winner their choice of powerful asset in the future, any capital from the countering offer card effects that they propose in the current and future round of use, and all they have to endure is a frowny face from the player who will get robbed.


That’s the key to the game though isn’t it, avoiding the frowny faces? I think everyone accepts losing a deal for the betterment of the city via a fair vote, but losing due to an asset – that’s how enemies are made. I am not in the business of making enemies, and my friends know that there is nothing to fear from me but profit.

The path forward is clear. We need to clear the Orgcrime from 4. This will ensure a successful World’s Cup. We need to remove outages from the city. We know that the action you took from Weyland will accomplish this. I wish I can do either, but luckily the next two turns is enough. That frees us this turn for some High risk investments. All my comrades who assist or do not hinder will walk away with tangible gains. As they say, rising He3 lifts all aircars.

Finally, I should mention that my matushka has hired someone named Monica Singh to look after my interest. I tell her, it is not necessary, but mothers, you know? Stubborn like stone.



I will pass @Tim_N


Can I verify our plan… before next demand we need to in any order:

  • Clear strike from 1
  • Clear unit from 4
  • Clear outages

Is that right? If it is, don’t we need all 3 turns to do something productive?


No, we have androids in 4, 5 and 7, so we only need to do the two things mentioned. That said, perhaps it would be better to get on with fixing them immediately so we can’t be spiked at the last moment.


I’m going to counter with massive reconstruction, I just think this isn’t the time to be lining our pockets. Soondifferent will probably steal my capital should this go through, you’re all welcome for the sacrificial act. @rowe33 get excited about a massive capital gain coming your way! Hopefully that means you’ll support it if needed.



An interesting counter - will definitely consider it.

Pass @rho21


If someone wants to replace the counter offer leading to my deal passing, it would be considered substantial investment and can expect good returns (Massive reconstruction remains available for subsequent use.) I assume that the federalist won’t be so overt as to spike our very well defined and agreed upon actions to come, but it’s possible - massive reconstruction is something that we need to do either this turn, the next or the one after, so I’m not averse to it either way.