New Angeles Forum Game: Capital, CAPITAL!


It’s a bluff!


@rowe33: Hmm… I could send you the two capital chunk, but you’ll owe me a favour.


I’ve met @rowe33 several times at a New Angelean space pub. He’s a great guy, wonderful even. Watching him blotath a globbite after a few spacebeers is a precious memory. With all that said, he’s quite the bluffer. No way he is going to sink 4 cards for an asset of little value.

Although I just realised by goading him like this I might be pushing him to do just that… hmm, better be quiet.


I assure you, the Weyland shareholders would have my head if I tried bluffing. Seriously, they’re fricking crazy.

I will.pass on cards this time and owe a favor in exchange for the 2 capital.



As I see it, the status is then 3 cards in support of @rho21’s Main Offer, no support for @Lantz’s Counter Offer.

Have I missed any direct deals that should be updated in the sheet? As I’ve parsed it the deals have been for the distribution of the Capital from High-Risk Investments.

@rho21 can state who gets what if everything is in order.


Agreed, I don’t think I made any direct deals. Not that it matters, as I naturally intend to honour my indirect deals anyway: I choose GlobalSec, Weyland, Jinteki to benefit from the investments for 3, 2, 1 capital respectively; I then transfer 2 capital to Melange Mining. I think that’s the fairest I can do, with everyone who supported me getting 1 capital per card.

Now… I have a limited-time opportunity coming up for one lucky corporation to gain extra powers at only minimal cost! Seriously though, would anyone like to take advantage of the asset I’ve just collected to gain an extra couple of cards?


Good doing business with you! I’ll have to pass on volunteering for your offer though, as my turn is coming up.


New turn will be up later.



High-Risk Investments triggers, increasing capital for Globalsec (3), Weyland (2) and Jinteki (1).

Globalsec claims the Asset, but it is not triggered.

Active Player passes onward to @Perky_Goth. Hand is refreshed.

New asset is revealed:

Board state:

After this deal the City will produce. Currently that means 2 Technology, 2 Credits, 2 Entertainment.
Following this, the top event will be resolved.
Finally we will have the first Demand round. As part of this your Investments will be scored, before you all get to choose a new Investment. Note that this means that all 12 will be shuffled to form a new pile that your draws are distributed from.

I think that is everything. Your turn @Perky_Goth.

Let me know if I have forgotten to resolve any deals or effects.

Whoops, I forgot to transfer 2 Capital from Globalsec to Melange Mining. Fixed now in the Google Sheet. Thanks for the reminder @soondifferent. I advise that you put stuff like transfers in bold. PHONE BOLD has become easier with Discourse, just add ** before and after the section you want in bold.


@Jorn_Weines my card count is wrong on Goggle Docs

I propose that now is a good time to play Unorthodox Knowledge and manipulate our future.


I’m still worried about the event. I propose media circus to reduce the chance of threat accumulation. @lantz





pass… I could go either way on this one, but also keen to see if one of the two players that follow me have a better counter offer than media circus.



Judging by the events we know of:

  • we might gain 1 threat per district in unrest. We’ll gain 4 threat in our current state (5 if outage counts as unrest, not sure)
  • we might gain 3 threat for unrest in a tier 2 district.

So we’re looking at 3-5 threat, which is considerable, given the trouble we’ve gone to satisfy the demand for just a little more threat. Things are going to get hairy as we approach the halfway point – let’s not lose to the federalist.


But if Perky_Goth’s card goes through, he’ll be able to pick an event that generates no or a small amount of threat? Unless he’s a federalist, but giving us a bad event will be such an obvious tell that there is no way he’ll be able to get the 25 capital needed to win as a federalist by the end of the game.


Yes, there’s no way I’ll get 25 capital. Or not lose, really. Don’t know why I decided a negotiation game would be a good idea for me to do.

I promise to recheck my math to get the lowest threat right now if that’s what you want, but I don’t know if that’ll be the best choice for later. We can have an informal vote or whatever, but I don’t know if I can discuss while choosing.


We’re all out to further our personal agendas. Mine just happens to be out and out against federal interference and the accumulation of threat. Handing total control over to someone just prior an event is a bad idea, akin to XO’ing the person next in line (to use military parlance.) If one event is bad for the city but good for personal investments – it’s pretty clear what anyone would pick. I don’t believe Mme Haas is a dirty federalist, but the smart move is not to put ourselves in a position to find out.


I’ll pass as well. @rho21


You are not allowed to discuss card specifics regarding the events.


Much as I’d love to make a better counter-offer, most of my cards increase unrest and the rest aren’t helpful either. So I’ll pass.