New Angeles Forum Game: Capital, CAPITAL!


Indeed, Support now starts with @Lantz


@Perky_Goth and @soondifferent I am happy to be bribed to pass either offer. I believe that I can pretty much assure victory for either of you.


@lantz I vow to take the meager capital (everyone’s assets are safe!) from this underwhelming thief, so there isn’t much of a margin for me. You stand to gain more capital than I do just from your short sale asset (our mutual friend Haas benefits as well) + NBN contract from reducing unrest. For your support, I will happily discharge our prior agreement, since its wording persists beyond your next discard phase, and I wouldn’t want its shadow to darken our good relationship.

I hope that you will add cards to guarantee this action, as it is the best course for the city, but also because our rivals are out there who may not want to see us gain +2 (and in your case, +3, and Haas +1) capital from its passage.


Surely the good of the city should be enough for you! Tell you what, you get to keep the asset.


Hm, the Asset will trigger if you win. But of course you can let someone else decide which asset to steal, or transfer the Capital.


I thought we could negotiate anything. But, anyway, yeah @Lantz, I’ll do the choices you want and transfer the result to you.


I meant that the Asset triggers when it is claimed, so it can’t be transferred before the effect triggers. But you can of course transfer the Asset you steal with it.


I will play, let’s call it 6 cards for the counter offer.



@lantz Sorry, I just reread NBN’s card, I just realized that you don’t get 2 capital for unrest reduction, but 1 per unrest level decreased. Since there’s no sector in strike, it’ll only be 1 capital from your contract + 1 from your asset.

So I’ll understand if you want to change your mind. I will make an additional offer to compensate though – if you continue your support, and if the event increases threat less than 2, I’ll give you an additional capital at that point.


I’ll wait for Lantz to play the mulligan before saying what I will do.



@Tim_N carry on


Nothing I can do, so pass.



I pass. @rho21


Well I’m last to act and don’t have enough cards to affect anything, so I’ll pass.


So, do we target the media circus at the people of Esmereldas so we don’t have a Tier 2 district in strike, or Quinde so we have fewer total districts in strike or protest?

Whatever, may I suggest the Human First scum surface in Laguna Velasco? Good to concentrate the enemy units in the same place for easy clearance later.


Langua sounds good for human first. Threat wise i would like to get rid of unrest in tier 2.

Will finalize in an hour or so, please discuss!


Okay, we’ll quell the unrest in 8 and put the Human Firsts in 6.

Hm. there’s illness in 8 but we’ll chance it, hopefully the event doesn’t care about tier 1. @Jorn_Weines


Ok, will resolve in a bit. What two cards do you want to draw for the threat increase @soondifferent?


Can I pick 2 of the same kind? If so I’ll take 2 labours. Otherwise, labour + security. @Jorn_Weines


No, General cards have to be different. Cards sent.

Some other things also triggers:
@soondifferent, do you want 2 Capital or to steal another Asset when you claim Hernando Cortez? And do you transfer any Capital to anyone?
@Lantz, do you want to exhaust Saul Eustecio to provide 1 Capital to yourself and @Perky_Goth

Melange Mining puts on a real Media Circus in order to take attention away from their side-dealings. The ensuing parades quells the Protests in District 8. However, the Human First Faction is not amused and starts a riot in District 6.

Threat increases by 2 due to Illness in District 8, @soondifferent gets 2 cards. NBN @Lantz gets 1 Capital from the decrease in Unrest.

I’ll resolve the production phase, event and Demand round once I know how @soondifferent uses his new Asset, and if @Lantz uses his asset.