New Angeles Forum Game: Capital, CAPITAL!


Not me, more’s the pity. @Perky_Goth is the active player.




I will take the 2 capital @Jorn_Weines



I will exhaust my asset Saul for the Capital. @Perky_Goth enjoy the Capital and please remember it in the future.


Capital updated.

A lot of stuff happens now, but that will be in an hour or so.


I’m rich!


Production Round 2
District 1 produces TE+CR. This causes +1 Unrest. District in Strike!
District 5 produces CR+TE. Presence of a Human First Unit causes 2 Unrest. District was already in Protest, so an Outage token is placed!
District 8 produces 2 ET. This causes +1 Unrest. District now in Protest!

Event Phase
Social Apps Sparks Revolution!

Threat increases by 3 (District 1, District 2 and District 8). This means @soondifferent’s Melange Mining gets no Capital, but your Asset lets you draw 2 Action Cards (of different types).
A Human First Unit is placed in District 6; it moves onward to District 9 and then to District 10.
Illness tokens are added to District 4 and District 6. The token in District 4 moves to District 7.
5 face down Assets are added to the Turn Tracker.
The new top card of the Event deck shows Unrest.

Demand Phase I
Investments are scored:
Haas-Bioroid bet on Populist Dismissal, gets 3 Capital.
Melange Mining negotiated a Union Agreement, gets 7 Capital.
NBN benefits from broad coverage of the new Healthcare Initiative, scores 7 Capital.
Jinteki continues their development of the Technology Sector, gains 6 Capital.
Weyland Corporation invests in the Energy Sector, earns 3 Capital.
Globalsec’s protection service is basically a Laundering Scheme. Nets their shareholders 5 Capital.

The City manages to counter the nefarious network disruption. Which should be obvious from THE REVOLUTION SPARKED BY SOCIAL MEDIA APPS! At any rate, this means there is no increase to Threat.

The Supply of each resource is reset to 0. The new demand is:

"Give the People a huge sports event! That will quell the revolting masses!"

You will all now receive a new choice of Investments. When those are in place, @soondifferent will get a refreshed hand (post which 3 Action Card types you want). Then the next Asset is revealed and around we go!


I don’t remember getting my ass so kicked in a boardgame outside of playing Brass.


At least no one has given @Lantz a loaded gun. Yet.



Also district 8?


In fact, districts 1, 2 and 8 but not 5.


Whoops. A lot to keep track of. Let me know if you spot anything else!

There was an error in my notes. Threat increases by 3! District 1, 2 and 8. District 5 is in Outage, which is something else.

This also means @Perky_Goth receives 1 more Capital from the Investment.


So, my fellow capitalists, what do we have to get done to keep the masses quiet this time?

Looks as though we can fulfill the demand easily by leaving the androids where they are for this production phase, then moving 1 of them to pick up a consumable next phase. We just need to deal with the units, unrest and outage to make sure they produce.

Considering the board in general, it looks like a good idea to clear up units anyway, before we start getting enough to fall off the end of the track and produce threat. We might want to clear up some illness too, so we don’t have to make more threat than we’re avoiding.

Mentioning which, it’s not absurd for us to ignore the demand entirely and just suck up the 5 threat. Might be worthwhile if we can avoid threat from other sources. No point going half and half though, we should decide soon.



I see now that there has not been any Discard steps for the active players. I am not 100% sure if it has mattered. But for posterity, at the End of Turn step, the Active Player must discard down to 5 cards.

We’ll enforce it from now on.

@soondifferent drew:
Media + Construction
Media + Security + Construction


I can’t tell how important threat is or not. Can it ever be reduced or are we stuck with it, once earned? Not sure if I’m a fan of letting it pile up.

Edit…i was wondering about the >5 hand sizes but figured I was missing something in the rules!


For Action Cards it is only this one:


I don’t think we should give up on the demand so early. Our workers are already in place, and what’s stopping them from producing is unrest, which we need to resolve for the current event anyway.

The nice thing is that we get 5 actions this go around, so plenty of time to clean up the city.


@Tim_N and @Perky_Goth remaining.


Yep, I tend to agree. I thought it was worth throwing the idea out there though.