New Angeles Forum Game: Capital, CAPITAL!


Geez, soondifferent is really playing this game. Who would have thought he actually wanted all of those human first units around the city? More capital, more cards, more assets than anyone else. I really feel sorry for anyone who has him as their rival.


Eh, I was lucky and got some relevant actions earlier. The second asset is okay, but the first one is dead weight. I’m up by one capital to most and back down to 5 cards at the end of turn. So really nothing to speak of.


Missed the message at the time and then got involved into nice family time right now, sorry for the delay.


No problem!

Round 3
Game state:

The City is trying to recover from the revolution that was sparked by social media after the network disruption was taken care of. The leadership is now looking forward, insisting on hosting the World’s Cup. The whole world (or at least the parts interested in whatever game is being played) looks to New Angeles for inspiration. Citius, Altius, Fortius! However, the Comité International Olympique is no less corrupt in the future than it was in the past, and is soliciting partnerships for mutual pocket-lining.

Right now the City has a lot of issues. Currently no resources will be produced.

The first revealed Asset is:

@soondifferent, present your Main Offer.


Gentlemen, there is a lot to do in the city, thankfully we have a fairly generous amount of time to do it. I propose that we settle things at home by means of some high risk investments so that when we reconvene next we will be able to focus on the needs of the city.

@lantz NBN seems to be uniquely positioned to spur investment growth. If you can chip in 7 cards or so, I will guarantee you the largest portion of the prize if they come to fruition.


I will pass on making a counter offer. @soondifferent I am generally amenable to your offer, I am curious what else people have in mind.



Only 2 of your 5 fellow corporate leaders would traditionally respond to that mode of address. :p


He’s just using the IOC’s Corporate Manual of Style…


Прости, I am still learning English, the schools up in the moon, not so good. Another thing I hope to remedy.



I do have some cards that I think will benefit the city, and I don’t really want to add to your asset collection, but on the other hand if we’re going to do some high risk investments, now’s the time! I would be willing to stand aside on a counteroffer and donate a card or two (if needed) to support your offer if you can guarantee me the +2 spot.

PS - out of action for a day, flying across the world, sorry


@Tim_N I hear you, and I believe New Angeles is in such dire straits that I am certain each and everyone of us here have ways and means to benefit the city. As such I cannot promise returns on investments for those simply passing on counter offers.

NBN is a special case, since they have significant resources set to expire that works very nicely with our investment strategy. I will have to see what and how counteroffers are presented before I can finalize the other spots.

On the other hand, I look forward to working with you to provide better healthcare for citizens.


No update from the City Officials until tomorrow, so bicker amongst yourselves.


How does everyone think we’ll do in the annual Spaceball finals this weekend? If we can just manage to keep our skimmers in the fly zone long enough, the blorts will start adding up quickly. Andro City doesn’t have a chance, right?


Precisely! Investment not so high risk, I think. Our team - doped to gills, like heroes. Not worth bet against home team, not even one card.


Sorry guys, been a really busy couple of days for me.

I will pass so I don’t hold the game up any further.



Don’t have any better move right now so I’ll pass as well. @rho21


I have some interesting cards that might help the city, but I can’t see them being approved in the current climate. I’ll pass as well.

@soondifferent: could I put in a request for one of the capital from the investments? I think we’ve had a good working relationship recently, which I hope will sway you in favour of picking me.

@Perky_Goth: you’re up.


Well, I agree that time is ripe for some investing. However, I believe that we should be careful of supporting our biggest opponent with our investments.
Fortunately, I have an an alternative plan for a High-Risk Investment that should prove more profitable for us.

What say you, @Lantz?


I am only rival to one (plus the federalist), and I’m guessing that NBN is neither based on our history. No one other than the fed or my rival should be threatened by my meager advantage on the boards, since I am transparently for the city and an asset to whatever contract you may have.

Not to mention that due to our proximity, I could be NBN’s best friend, just as you could be mine.


Ok, the sheet is updated with the offers. @soondifferent and @Perky_Goth are both proposing some heavy investments. Support starts with @Lantz, but this seems like a situation where you need to draw up some graphs on ROIs and stats of… hey, where’s the…???..WHAT ABOUT THE WORLD CUP!!!