New Angeles Forum Game: Capital, CAPITAL!


I will follow through with the favor for @soondifferentand support his offer with 7 cards



@Tim_N, still flying around the globe in your fancy SubOrbital Luxury Sky-Yacht?


Thanks for pinging me a reminder, I completely forgot that it was my turn. I blame the spacejetlag!

Unfortunately my meager possessions are unable to match @Lantz’s largesse. I pass. @rowe33


I’ll pass @rho21

Feels like Lantz really wants those 2 points for some reason.


Well I don’t have the cards to change anything, so I’ll also pass.


Ok, what cards do you discard @Lantz? As he is exhausted, you can’t use Saul.

@soondifferent, you can state where the Capital goes. Your Asset collection grows.


Too me, obviously. Why are we even waiting?


This game has become the Lantz show ever since we collectively let him gain a million cards and subconsciously forgot that he can only hold those until his next turn. Not that I mind so much, he isn’t my rival, but it will be nice for other people to have some influence on the game again.

Meanwhile, soondifferent has more assets than cyborgBuffet.


I look forward to my influx of capital also.


3 goes to NBN for their support.
2 goes to the Melange orphans fund.
1 goes to Globalsec for a more secure new Angeles, and a more secure relationship.

I wish I had more wealth to spread around, but know that I will work with all of you to protect our city from federalist interference. Our top priority right now should be placating the masses.




Capital and hands updated, since @soondifferent cleverly sent his End of Turn discards already.



No big changes to the board, but the newly revealed Asset it:

Take us away, @Lantz!

Well, after these messages from our sponsors.


Just glancing through the rules again, if sector 5 enters the production phase in its current state, does it still generate an outage token that then moves to sector 6?


A District in Outage does not produce, so a new token is not generated.


Fellow Angelesians,

It is time that we focus on meeting the demand of our beloved residents so they can relax and kick back and watch the all new wacky highjinks of the newest season of Odd Friends. Gerald’s Prisec Officer cousin comes to visit at the same time as Violet’s Human First aunt. Sparks fly but are they the sparks of hate or love?? Tune in to find out!

I will offer Media Circus



Told you so.


Media Circus is a great card to play right now, and I think it’s rude to try and counter a player when its my turn next to give the main offer. Hopefully @Lantz will remember this next turn.




Ping @rowe33


Out in the field with my daughters so ill pass and see what transpired.



@Jorn_Weines: Saul is readied again now, right?

On that matter, I’m a little concerned about allowing NBN another source of power such as that represented by the asset on offer this deal. Combined with Saul, it effectively means that no-one will ever risk a counter-offer against them: it would just serve to gain NBN 4 capital and cost the corporation making the counter-offer 2.

It’s a conundrum though, as I am entirely in favour of clearing up some unrest with a Media Circus… so I propose we focus the circus on the hard work done by GlobalSec to sooth unrest and to keep people safe from organised crime, with a focus on Guayaquil. [That is to say, I counter-offer my own Media Circus.]



Yes, fixed in the sheet now.