New Angeles Forum Game: Capital, CAPITAL!


I don’t think that should be a huge hindrance, welcome on-board!

No stress!

I see that @CraigM seems to suffer from bad internet access while abroad. We’ll go ahead and start setup with the current roster. There’s room for one more if someone wants to take the last seat before we’re through setup.

I’ve randomized the list of players, and the order is as follows:

In player order you will now select your Corporations. This will decide your card suite, Corp contract (i.e. your Corp’s way of getting bonus Capital) and Emergency Actions. There is a reference sheet in the Google Sheet that shows the different action cards and Emergency Actions. The first player starts with 10 Capital, and each subsequent player gets one more.

Note: I will be posting screenshots of the board state in this thread as well.

Available Corporations:

City Status:
As the game starts, the great city of New Angeles is having power trouble. BIG power trouble! It’s Lights Out, and much of the Finance industry is struggling with outages (setup card).

This is bad, because the population is getting fed up with these outages (note the Upcoming Event Card Back which indicates that the event that will fire in the first Demand Round is centered on Outage tokens).

To make matters worse, there has been some network disruption that needs to be sorted out if thing are going to get back on track anytime soon (see the Current Demand card; 4 Tech, 4 Entertainment and 3 Capital required).

When selecting your Corporation, take into consideration the status of the board and what cards are most useful for solving the current troubles (as well as what you can gain Capital from). Here’s the brief description of the different card types:


After you have selected your Corporations you will get your hand of cards and your secret opponent card (which describes your win condition), and initial choice of Investment cards.

I will also post a brief explanation of the game rounds before we start the first action phase.


I don’t really know what I’m doing yet, but I’ll pick Haas-Bioroid.


Next up is @soondifferent.

If anyone has any questions just ask. I don’t know everything right now, but all prompts to read find out specific things help me learn.

Being a rather recent Fantasy Flight Games product, New Angeles follows the format of “Learn to Play” rules and a rules reference that gives all the specific information about each game concept.


Sorry, I haven’t had the chance to go over the manual yet (will do so tonight) so I’ll pick the Dwarf Melange Mining based on flavor for now (hopefully they’re all balanced!)

Plus, being owner sounds a lot better than some crummy PR rep gig, no matter how tempting deep space exploration is. I’m sure there are a lot of friendly species out there.



Melange Mining does seem versatile.

You draw 3 General cards, which means one card each of three types. Post when you’ve decided which, but that step is after all have chosen Corps.


NBN News will be keeping everyone up to date with our victory



I would like to heal people (for an outrageous profit). Jinteki for me.



Weyland for me. The world definitely needs some work.



We’re almost set to go. I won’t have time to do the rest of the setup tonight, so there is time for a straggler. If anyone wants to play Globalsec, post in this thread in the next 12 hours or so.

I will send out initial hands, opponent cards and choice of investment cards tomorrow morning. I will also post a primer on the basics of the action rounds.


Short note on the cards you receive: If you get multiples of the same card they will also have a number. This is only for the purposes of my book-keeping, the number is not a game element. The action decks have 5 of each card.

If you play a card face-up you don’t need to state the number, I will use the lowest numbered one in your hand.

Pinging the rest of the previous BSG forum game regulars in case they might be interested. First come, first served: @Woodlance, @jostly, @ShivaX


That’s good, this lazy ass gets enough time to read the rules.

EDIT: there actually wasn’t much else to it outside the video I saw.


@rho21 stopped by the BSG thread last game and seems to be a boardgame guy, so ping


Mm, I’ve been watching the thread and considering whether I have time.
I’m also not sure I’ll be great at a game with so much negotiation in it… but may as well give it a go, what’s the worst that can happen?

@Jorn_Weines: deal me in.



Sending out hands and such in a moment. @soondifferent, you must choose three card types to receive.


Everyone has gotten their hands, except for @soondifferent. Once everyone has confirmed which Investment they want to keep in PM (it is secret, so do not post it here!) @Perky_Goth gets the first action round.

At that time I will post a screenshot of the board with the revealed asset, and we start the action round. Haas-Bioroid will play an action card from hand (or the Haas-Bioroid emergency action) as a Main Offer. Hopefully you will argue the virtue of your proposed action.

Then, in player order, each of you get the opportunity to pose a Counter Offer or Pass.
You pose a Counter Offer by playing a card from hand, and explaining why your suggestion is better than the main offer. There can only be one counter offer, and if you want to replace the current one you need to discard (all discards are face-down) a number of cards equal to the previous number of Counter Offers this round.

After the Offers have been established, the rest of the players get to decide which offer wins and what action gets resolved. We’ll get back to the intricacies of the Deal Round later.


I don’t have the time to commit to a forum game right now, but thanks for the ping.


Only missing @soondifferent and @rowe33.


@soondifferent drew Construction/Security/Labor.

Only the Active Player draws cards at the beginning of an action round. There are action cards that lets everyone draw cards.
The first round has 4 action rounds, so @rowe33 and @rho21 will not be Active Players until Round 2. The number of Assets in the next round is decided by the Event Card that is resolved. The range is 3-5 assets.
You don’t have to propose a Counter Offer. If everyone passes the Main Offer is resolved.

Round 1 – Turn 1:

Is this image to small? If so I can upload them to imgur instead of directly in the future.

The revealed asset gives the winning player 5 Capital.
In the current state the City will produce the following resources after 4 turns: 1 Energy, 1 Entertainment, 1 Consumables. Note that La Costa does not produce due to the Outage.

The different statuses on the board spaces do as follows:
Android: An area with an Android present is exploited and produces resources at the end of the Round. This increases Unrest by one.
Protest: A district in protest can still produce resources.
Strike: A district in strike cannot produce any resources.
Outage: A district in outage cannot produce any resources.
Development: The value of the primary resource in the district is increased by one.
Illness: When an action card is resolved, if it involved at least 1 district that has an illness token, threat is increased by two.
Orgcrime Unit: A district that has an OrgCrime (OrC) unit cannot produce its primary resource.
Human First Unit: When a district that has a Human First (HuFi) unit is exploited, increase unrest by two stages instead of one. If it cannot increase by two stages, place an outage token in the district.
PriSec Unit: When an enemy unit is placed or moved into a district containing a prisec unit, that enemy unit must move. When a prisec unit is placed in a district containing an enemy unit, that enemy unit must move.

@Perky_Goth is active player, and proposes the Main Offer and why this is the best course of action. Then, in player order, starting with @soondifferent you can propose a Counter Offer. If you replace an existing Counter Offer you must discard one card for each previous Counter Offer this turn.

I’m lifting the text on Negotiation and Trading from the Learn to Play rules:
Negotiation is the key to success in New Angeles since a player rarely wins a deal without the support of other
players. Players should do their best to gather support for their actions and are highly encouraged to do so through
any means necessary. Sometimes a player can argue that his action is just what the city needs. However, winners do not rely on necessity; a promised reward or thinly veiled threat can be just as persuasive, and nothing greases the wheels of industry like the simple exchange of capital.

Players are highly encouraged to influence other players via any means necessary. As such, players can give or trade their capital and assets to gain support during a deal, to encourage certain actions to be played, to swap assets, etc. All promises made by players concerning the future are non-binding— players can make promises and not fulfill them. However, if both players can immediately and completely fulfill the terms of the trade, they must do so.


I have updated the first post with some of the information about the different tokens and effects, as well as with a link to an imgur album with action cards, emergency actions and investments.


Efficiency Experts, let’s put production where we need it. I assume we’ll negotiate later.