New Angeles Forum Game: Capital, CAPITAL!


I would be willing to do the deal with you. I am open to ideas on the placement. I still don’t 100 grok the flow there.


In that case I’ll put in 2 cards to seal the deal for NBN. Sorry Globalsec @rho21, NBN backed me in a similar situation with identical offers just last turn. Hopefully you take the proceeds from the investment last turn as a sign of our enduring good will.

Clearing unrest on 1 is a good idea, assuming we can manage to clear it in sector 8 within the next 3 turns. Would be nice not to incur the illness penalty.

EDIT: sorry, just rule clarification, 2 cards is enough right? I’ll put in 3 if necessary though.

@Jorn_Weines @Lantz


Main Offer wins ties.


2 cards it is then


OK, @Lantz’s Main Offer Wins. Where do you remove unrest and add the Human First unit?


I am going to go with soon’s suggestion of 1 unless anyone else sees something better.


Both unrest reduction and unit?


I am sorry, I am traveling all day, will sort it tonight but happy for advice in the interim


I think we need to arrange for the HumanFirst scum to go to Guayaquil. It’s not ideal with our android workers there as they’ll push up unrest in time for the event, but I think it’s pretty unlikely that’ll cost us more than the 2 threat we’d pay for putting them in an ill zone.

Hopefully my security forces will be given licence to arrest a few agitators before production happens anyway.


We’re getting to the point where the criminals will start being flushed through the core, sorry, the root, which will be an interesting new wrinkle.
As to the placement, it kinda feels we can’t throw too production away, though I can’t say that means much for this play. (1) seems ok…


Sorry for the delays, I am back from my travels.

Remove in 1 and unit in Guayaquil. I trust my fellow leaders to get our city through these trying times.


So, my fellow New Angeles luminaries, what’s the current plan for the next 3 actions? I was seeing it as:

  • First, clear illness from wherever we’re acting so we don’t gain threat
  • Clear the strike from 8
  • Clear the outage from 5
  • Arrest some Human First so they don’t generate extra unrest, and so any new ones don’t spill over into the core

Sadly, that’s at least 4 actions (more if we don’t want to use a costly emergency action) and it’s not great to skip any of them. Anyway, most ways of doing these things add more unrest to cause problems when the event resolves.

I have a couple of alternative plans:

  1. Don’t try to fulfill the demand. I think we’ve come a bit too far to give up now.
  2. Skip producing in Rabotgorod this turn, and make up the shortfall next turn.

I rather like this second plan. It gives us the opportunity to devote more time to cleaning up the city this turn, avoiding the risk of extra threat from illness or units. We would produce Credits, Tech and 2 Entertainment, leaving us needing Consumables, Credits, 2 Tech and 2 Entertainment. This can be done naturally by producing fully in 1, 4 and 7. It could also be achieved with the Liquidation card, which is probably easier.

Here’s a plan to do it with Liquidation:

This round:

  • Clear the illness from 8
  • Clear the strike from 8
  • Clean up Human First units from (ideally) 1 and 10.

And next round:

  • Clear up illness in 4
  • Liquidation in 4
  • Move android from 8 to 7 (N.B. no threat from illness with Efficiency Experts)
  • Anything else we need to do to deal with new problems added by the event, or to avoid threat from the new event.

Thoughts, anyone?


Out and about, new board when I am at a PC.


Unrest decreased by 2 and Human First unit placed in District 1. NBN gains 2 Capital from Making News.

Any other stuff that needs to be done @Lantz (Capital, Asset shifting?).

@Tim_N has a refreshed hand. New Asset in play is:

Board state:


The asset goes to @soondifferent as agreed.



I prefer asking so that you are stating explicitly that deals are being honored.



Quick rules confirmation: If an outage token is placed on 8 the strike token returns to the reserve right?


Yes, Outage tokens replace Unrest. And do not count as Unrest for effects triggering from Unrest.


Illness pervades New Angeles, and it would be remiss of me, the CEO of the Jinteki Corporation, to focus on anything else in my address to the wealt… upstanding citizens of New Angeles. Fortunately the profit motive is here to help, just as it was when the son of God came to the earth to heal the sick for payment in kind.

It remains an unpopular fact among the wealt… almost did it again, the upstanding people here that sick labor is very unproductive labor. If we let this situation continue who will there even be to admire our status items?

I propose a Clean Slate. We will heal two vital districts, and only have to accept a small outage in one of them (taking away a strike token in the process!).

It is a clean slate in multiple senses of the word. Not only will it give us breathing room for future production, it is a figurative clean slate for all of the CEOs out there who have butted heads with Jinteki in the past. Let’s put aside our animosity and work together for a wealthi… brighter New Angeles. It is also a clean slate as part of our hygiene program involves cleaning the actual slate in poor homes, which are absolutely riddled with bacteria.



I don’t think there’s much to do without healing first. Also, I understood from the rules that production in 5 will create an outage token that will move to 6, dealing 2 threat.


The “Bryan Stinson” asset can steal emergency action cards.
Those emergency cards can be faceup or facedown, and they
remain in that state when stolen. Emergency action cards of
corporations that are not being used cannot be stolen. When
a stolen emergency action card is discarded, it is returned
to its original owner. It is returned facedown if it was the
winning offer; otherwise, it is returned faceup.