New Angeles Forum Game: Capital, CAPITAL!


I thought the plan was to clear illness in 4 and 8 (following my suggestion), but I realise @Tim_N hasn’t specified.

Either way, you have 2 misconceptions, as I understand the rules. Firstly, production doesn’t happen in districts in strike or outage, so it wouldn’t generate a new outage. Secondly, it’s only when actions do things to districts with illness that threat is added. Production and event cards don’t cause threat that way.



There is no Production in a District in Outage, so the presence of a Human First Unit will not create a new Outage Token that moves down the chain.

Illness Tokens only* generate threat when it is involved in the resolution of an an action card, and this is per Action Card not Illness Token.

*= Plus when they move into Root, of course.


Yes, it would be exploitation, not production. Page 10 of the Reference Manual says:

Human First units are enemy units. When a district
with a Human First unit is exploited, unrest in that
district increases by two stages instead of one stage.
If unrest cannot increase by two stages because the district
is in protest, strike, or outage, an outage token is placed in
that district.
– If the district was already in outage, the new outage
token moves.

… in this case into 6. That’s what I got from it.


Oh! Whoops. That complicates matters!


I think I’m on board with this plan do I’ll pass here.



Ooh, you’re correct about the new Outage token. That’s a pain. Still doesn’t make threat, at least. I don’t think we have time to get the android out of the way, sadly, as we need to fix the new outage in 8 and clear up some units so they don’t overflow into the root.


I kept it vague on purpose, I plan to follow the consensus of the group when selecting the districts to heal. We are playing a (mostly) cooperative game after all!


Fair enough, hopefully we’ll have some discussion on that plan. :)

I misspoke saying “I thought the plan”. I really meant “I assumed the plan”… and I didn’t have any evidence for that assumption. Separately, my apologies if I’m being too loud with suggesting plans. The rest of you are more than welcome to chip in. :p

Anyway, I’ll pass. (As promised, but I’m very happy with this course of action anyway.)



Pass. @soondifferent


I’ll pass as well. @Lantz


I will pass as well @Jorn_Weines


Ok, Main Offer goes uncontested.

@Tim_N Please specify for the record where to remove the Illness and place the Outage. Which two Emergency Actions do you want to steal with the Asset?


Anyone have any thoughts about this? I was thinking 8 and then either 4 or 7.

Not sure how I feel about this asset, don’t really want to steal one from anybody! Apologies in advance if I randomly pick your action.


I’m in favor of 4/8.


Ok, I think that’s enough of a window for input. Thanks @rho21 and @soondifferent for offering your views.

Let’s clear illness in 4 and 8. Please place the outage in 8.

For the asset, I would like to take the emergency action from Melange Mining and Weyland Consortium. Sorry guys! My rationale was take from the person with the most assets, and then a person with the most cards (toss up between Weyland and Haas-Bioroid, and I just didn’t have the heart to take from @Perky_Goth).



As Illness is removed from the city, Jinteki Corporation soars on the stock exchange. +4 Capital from Personal Evolution. Bryan Stinson joins, bringing with him some proprietary developments.

What is in store for Bryan in the rest of his corporate career? Who knows?

New Asset:

Board state:

@rowe33 has a refreshed hand (less one Emergency Action), time for your Main Offer.


Ooootttttt! @rowe33?


@rowe33 mentioned elsewhere that he has spotty access right now.

We should help him by using 1 of his Capital to air apology ads on my networks for every 12 hours we wait on him. It is the best way to offload his responsibilities to make it easier for him to focus on policy issues.


Sorry guys, will take my turn tonight.


Ah, no worries if your access is spotty.