New Angeles Forum Game: Capital, CAPITAL!


Well, if I had that asset, I could finally win an offer!


Well, I would have proposed my emergency action here but someone stole it. I’ll propose an Ark Construction in one of the districts necessary to meet the current demand so we’ll be better off the rest of the game.



For what it’s worth, I think your emergency action would be a bad idea at this time. We have a ton of enemy units running around, and adding a few more would likely send them to the root come event.




Am I missing something? Is it my turn to do something?


No, I am an idiot. I meant @rho21, you are up for passing or offering a Counter Offer.


If you want I could propose your emergency action?


The emergency action isn’t the end of the world as on my turn I could clear some of those units again. Unfortunately, my most efficient way of clearing units up also adds unrest, so we’d be best off avoiding it until we have an event not tied to unrest.

There’s no particular reason to order our actions carefully, so I could send in the troops this turn, then hope someone can clear the outage next turn. But the outage is a more significant problem, so I’d rather we dealt with it first if possible.

So… I’m going to ask if any of the rest of you want to propose an outage-fixing counter-offer this turn. If someone does, I’ll pass and leave it to them. If not, I’ll propose something of my own and hope we can fix the problem next turn. I imagine our best chances for an appropriate card are @Perky_Goth and @soondifferent.


Well I am happy to counter-offer Weyland’s emergency action. I don’t think he’d mind so much either given the capital gain he’d get from it!

We’d just have to make sure we clear some of those units afterwards. Having Globalsec as the next turn helps.


The available options for GlobalSec (assuming I hold / draw them) are:

  • Arrest Orders: place a PriSec, remove all enemy units in that district.
    This doesn’t actually help to avoid the threat, as new units will jump straight through the PriSec unit.

  • Scorched Earth: place an Outage, remove all enemy units in that district and one other in the same tier.
    This seems safe enough if we want to clear up, say, 9 and 10. Not so good for removing units where we want to produce.

  • Riot Control: remove a PriSec, remove any 2 enemy units, increase unrest by 1 stage anywhere (not already in Strike or Outage).
    This is flexible but adds a little unrest. We may just have to suck this up if we want to remove units near our androids.

  • Ruthless Tactics (emergency): Remove any 4 enemy units, increase unrest by 1 stage in any 2 districts (not already in Strike or Outage).
    This is just a double Riot Control, with the same benefits and problems.

Anyway, this means that adding more units through Weyland’s emergency action isn’t ideal. We’d probably have to use my emergency action, accepting the extra unrest, to get rid of enough units to let us both produce and not receive threat for units reaching the core. And we’d be getting some threat anyway when executing the first action, due to the illness in 5.

I think we’re far better off with Gentrification and Scorched Earth if it’s a possibility.


I can do that, though I’m unsure of how much that helps - I don’t think having units slide to the root is avoidable (eventually, not now).


OK, I’ll pass. @Perky_Goth


Proposing Gentrification for 8 (probably?)



I’ll pass as a gesture of goodwill to @Perky_Goth



I will also pass @Tim_N


Ping @Tim_N!


Sorry! With all that wait you might be expecting something dramatic, yet…


@Jorn_Weines @rowe33


Ok, time for the Support Phase.

@rowe33 proposes an Ark Construction as the Main Offer. Apparently we need MORE GATED COMMUNITIES due to the influx of Capital. @Perky_Goth considers Gentrification to be a better solution to house the new class of wealthy

Support starts with @rho21.


I’ll put my money where my mouth is and throw in two cards in support of the counter-offer.



I agree that Gentrification is our best bet, but looks like Globalsec’s got this. pass @Lantz