New Angeles Forum Game: Capital, CAPITAL!


I will also pass since we look good






OK, @Perky_Goth’s Counter Offer wins. Will you use it on District 8?

@Lantz, will you trigger Saul?


Well, no one said otherwise, so 8 seems good, yes.


Yes please. @rowe33 please remember that Capital in future negotiations.




Poke @Jorn_Weines


Allright, was busy all day.

Event is resolved, @Perky_Goth gets the Asset.
Asset and Outage Token generates 3 Capital for @rowe33 and 1 Capital for @Lantz

New Asset:

Hand is refreshed, your go @rho21. City produces after this Deal.

No image of game state, no time.


That was meant as making sure you’d noticed (as no-one had pinged you) rather than trying to get you to hurry up.

I think it’s time we cleared up some enemy units. I propose Scorched Earth, which I intend to use to clear our highest tier of enemies.



I actually had forgotten…


Sounds good, pass. @soondifferent


I agree with Globalsec that we need to curtail some of the extremist groups in our city, but I don’t think a Scorched Earth policy will help us with the demand right now. We can remove at most 3 units, but lose a sector to outage in exchange. By issuing proper Arrest Orders, we can eliminate 2 units with no downsides + prisec in a tier 3 city, or we can eliminiate the human first in sector 1 and ensure that it can produce next turn as well towards our demand with no further intervention (because we have plenty to do still.)



I support this plan, @Tim_N




By the way @Jorn_Weines the spreadsheet has missed my +4 capital when two illnesses were cleared earlier.


Sorry, I thougt I added them.

I’m a bit busy today, so won’t be checking in until tomorrow. You’re big Executives and can probably handle going to the support phase etc.

Don’t forget that Locust Company can be triggered before Support.


Ill pass @rho21


That’s back to the start, so it’s my Scorched Earth against Melange Mining’s Arrest Orders.

I’d like to say at this point that while Arrest Orders looks nice, it actually does very little to protect us against threat from units being placed, as any moving units will simply skip straight over the PriSec unit. Using arrest orders on district 1 or 9 would leave us in the situation that a Human First unit added to any of districts 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 would go straight to root!

So, support phase. I think we start by finding out from @soondifferent whether Locust Company will be triggered.


The locust company will rest. @Perky_Goth


I should’ve asked where you would play the cards before deciding, but I don’t want to hold up and it probably won’t matter too much.

Discarding 1 card for @rho21


@Lantz is up.