New Angeles Forum Game: Capital, CAPITAL!


If this is fine with the rest of you it is fine by me.


I obviously, will not object.


Fine by me. And no hard feelings, of course.


I had to go back to figure out what you were talking about. It’s fine, but Lantz should keep it, as agreed. :D


No problem with me.

@rho21 thanks for triggering the thing to help my hand recover and fronting the capital, I knew there was no need to stop and bargain something in return for support.

+1 Security and +1 constructions @Jorn_Weines thanks.


OK, cards sent.

@rowe33, are you OK with bounty hunter exchange?


@rho21 must discard 1 card to get down to the hand size.

Since the use of the Bounty Hunter won’t have much to say, I’ll go ahead and resolve the Event.

The News on NBN report several stories about unemployment. Apparently there’s not enough jobs to go around. Luckily for the Corporate Elite, the crisis is so bad that there are outages and not unrest in the street:

No increase in Threat, which means Melange Mining’s Corporate Contract triggers. +3 Capital to @soondifferent.

A Human First Unit is added to District 1 but moves all the way to District 9.
Where it links up with a newly formed OrgCrime Mob.
Illness is generated in District 6…which also moves to District 9.

Let me tell you about Rutherford, it is a happening place. All roads go through it, apparently.

4 Unrevealed Assets are added to the turn track. The back of the next Event is Outages.

@Perky_Goth has a refreshed hand, the next Asset is:

Board state:

Right now only District 8 will produce. Demand and Investments are resolved after these deals.


False alarm re: @rho21 discard, there was an error in the bookkeeping.


Whew, all threat bullets dodged there.

So, the plan was to produce in 1, 4 and 7 this turn to meet our demand.
To do this we need to:

  • Move androids from 5, 8 to 4, 7
  • Clear enemy unit from 4
  • Clear strike from 1

Or we could go with:

  • Move android from 5 to 7
  • Clear strike from 1
  • Liquidation in 4

Both plans can be done in 3 actions (and there’s no way we can afford 4). The first one would produce a couple of threat, the second would avoid that.

Alternatively we could look to produce in 5 instead of 1, given that we’ll be wanting to clear up outages anyway. In that case:

  • Move android from 1 to 7
  • Clear outage in 5 (and elsewhere at the same time, naturally)
  • Liquidation in 4

This is my favourite option. I think we’re going to be generating threat from illness when clearing outages no matter what, so no additional harm there.

Given the back of the event card, we do desperately need to get rid of at least most of those 4 outages. Budget Renovations would be fine, but the Weyland emergency action might be stronger, especially paired with the Globalsec one to get rid of the new units it adds.

Any thoughts / suggestions?


I think it is time for MASSIVE RECONSTRUCTION

Another thought; this asset looks very powerful if it falls into the hands of a small cabal of people who continually trade it back and forth. Accordingly, in the spirit of togetherness whoever wins the offer perhaps we should all agree to spread it around equitably and without discrimination?


I propose Efficiency Experts to move a droid to 7 as a best effort, but I don’t really believe it’ll get done.


I agree with everyone so far. Efficiency experts would be good for @rho21’s plan B. I also agree with Jinteki that the asset is too powerful unless we can agree to some way of sharing it equally.

So I would support Efficiency Experts if we can all agree to share the asset (always pass it down the line?) What say you @Perky_Goth @Lantz @Tim_N @rowe33 @rho21

It might also be fair for the winner of the deal to get an extra dose somehow, though that becomes more logistically difficult.


I assume you do not use the Fall Guy?


I’d be interested in sharing the asset.


I can only think of the face of disappointment to anyone who expects the asset to be shared fairly, at least when the endgame is near.

Anyway, I’ll pass it to whoever helps me, but I thought there would be more efficient (apparently, at least) counter-proposals.


I would pass it on if passed to me, but I agree to a certain level of skepticism that we shall all play fair.


We’re only at the midpoint. I don’t think anyone will break their word to everyone so early. Should at least make the rounds once or twice and we can focus on reducing threat until the free for all at the end.

Actually the more I think about it the more I like @rho21’s first plan since it doesn’t depend on liquidation, which we may or may not have. You can’t move 2 androids at once @Perky_Goth?


Also my plan C.

I’m not convinced that the asset is quite as powerful as people think: we can all expect to get about 2 turns in the rest of the game (possibly only 1 for me, possibly 3 for Haas-Bioroid). Right at the start of the game it would have been incredible, though.

Sharing the asset evenly helps no-one except the federalist, anyway, and as mentioned is ripe for betrayal late on. If people are really determined to make it have little effect on the game, just pass it backwards along the line, to people who won’t get a turn for ages.

Moving more than one android at a time is necessary for my first plan, but will incur a threat penalty due to illness. If we end up moving only one android, I prefer plan C: it seems a bit more robust.


I can, I thought we wouldn’t because of illness and outages, though there’s plenty of time for that. This one would also get us out of (5) cleanly.

Passing the asset backwards to the second to last player (heheh) seems fine to me as well.


Because if you can move 1 and 8 to 4 and 7, we will incur one illness hit but I don’t think we an avoid that. Next, we get rid of orgcrime in 4, and remove outage in 5, which we have to do for the event anyway. That I believe will fulfill the requirements with one turn to spare.

The benefit of this is that we don’t have to rely on liquidation, which I’m not sure we have.

If we move asset backwards it is unlikely that @Lantz or I will see any benefit. Unless the first 3 people to receive it share half of the bounty to the person across from them in the circle (ie. Globalsec shares with NBN, Weyland shares with Melange, Jinteki shares with Haas) That I’d agree to and has minimal impact.