New Angeles Forum Game: Capital, CAPITAL!


I mean, sure, if people are ok with it, I’ll swap for the other card, but I thought y’all had issues with accepting a little bit of threat. As to the asset, whatever people want too, I’m unlikely to get a bigger advantage either way.


I think swapping should be fine since we could have talked about it in non specific terms (move one or two, etc.) Regardless, will wait for others to chime in about this as well as the asset.

Regardless I strongly recommend this over relying on liquidation, unless someone wants to speak up about how that is not a worry.


Did you see this @rowe33?


Ah sorry, thought we had moved on - I’m fine with it.


If you all decide a rollback for the Action Card is OK, it is ok by me.


You have your card @Lantz. Let me know if you don’t return the Asset.


I am cool with rolling back an action card.


I will honor the deal to return it. It’s unclear to me rules wise if the swap can only occur after the next offer is completed or if I can do it now.


“Players can trade capital, assets, and promises at any time. If
two players agree to a trade and both players can immediately
and completely fulfill the terms of the trade, they must do so.”


Ok, I was thinking more order of operations so an asset can’t be recycled inside a turn. Thanks for the clarification and return the Asset.


I see. For End of Turn assets it is not really a problem, since only the Active Player has that step. But for some others, like the Bounty Hunter, I think it makes sense that it only triggers for whoever possesses it at the time the trigger occurs.


Seems like people are for a rollback?


Make it so!
Ahem… yes, it seems like it. To the Labor Solutions.


I support labor solutions, so pass

If we can’t come to a consensus on what to do with the asset, it would probably be most beneficial to Haas to pass to the asset to me, so that I can give it back immediately the very next turn. However I do support something that would spread the wealth equally to all – so please share your thoughts about Haas keeping the initial 2 capital as prize for winning the deal, and subsequently passing it backwards, Globalsec sharing with NBN, Weyland sharing with Melange, Jinteki sharing with Haas.









I’ll pass @rho21


Sure, let’s do this. Pass @Jorn_Weines


Labor Solution passes unopposed. Where do you activate it @Perky_Goth?


I feel I could and should use this opportunity for some shenanigans, but I wont.

Move 1 to 4
Move 8 to 7

I’ll keep the asset unused for now.