New Apple systems

First to get the Intel Cores will be the Imac. Same price as the current Imac models. “Two cores. each one faster than the G5.” and “showing benchmarks. overall 2-3x faster.” iMac has ATI x1600 for video

“just one more thing”

Intel Powerbooks, scratch that… MacBook Pros are being annouced

Intel duo Core, 5x faster. Thinner than the 17inch Powerbook
5.6lbs. iSight, Front Row; $1999 1.67 Core Duo; 667 DDR bus, x1600; $2499 1.83GHz.

I’ll edit if more is annouced

I’m following this via live blog at and it’s sounding really good.

I’m dying for the dual-booting capable Powerbook, it’s not ready yet, but it’s coming… I can feel it.

[EDIT] Yeah, scratch that Powerbook lust, I want the MacBook. Whoa.

[EDIT2] OK, the thing is completely sweet, but here are some thoughts:

  1. Why is the wireless networking only 802.11 b/g and not a/b/g? Pretty much everything else is cutting or bleeding edge, why not the wireless networking, too? Or will there be a Wi-Max revision in a few months, along with the 17" version?
  2. Is the SuperDrive a dual layer DVD burner or not? Doesn’t seem so, which again, seems less than stellar in a package that’s otherwise perfectly of the new generation.
  3. I like that the 1GB SODIMM in the more expensive model is a single stick. That’s how it should be done!
  4. Dual Link DVI on this sucker means you can hook it up to one of those new Dell 30" LCD monitors… Swoon.

Argh, I was really hoping rumors of a new Mini would be true. I’d much rather a Mini than an iMac.

God no fucking joke on that. I am kinda depressed that we didnt see the new mini. I was all ready to throw my current one on ebay and grab a new one.

from Kottke:

  • 32 million iPods sold in 2005
  • Selling at the rate of a billion songs a year on iTunes Music Store
  • Offering SNL skits through iTunes, all your old favorites
  • Remote control for iPod with an FM tuner in it…listen to FM radio with the iPod
  • 40% of the cars sold in the US in 2006 will have iPod integration
  • Announced some new Dashboard widgets, including one for snow conditions for skiing
  • 10.4.4
  • Update to iLife…iLife '06
  • New iPhoto will handle 250,000 photos (!!!), full-screen editing, more printing options (postcards calendars)
  • Photocasting - podcasting for photos (Flickr competitor?), uploads photos to .Mac to iPhoto, people can subscribe, anyone can view photos via RSS
  • Create video podcasts with iMovie, dump video to iPod
  • iDVD creates widescreen DVDs, something called Magic iDVD that makes it super easy to create DVDs…drag and drop and push a couple buttons
  • use iChat to record audio interviews with GarageBand (I think…), ah, ok, GarageBand has a Podcast Studio in it, use it to produce podcasts
  • Announcing iWeb. Share photo albums, publish blogs, podcasting, Apple-designed templates. One-click publishing to .Mac. RSS, of course (lots of RSS stuff in iLife). A bit hard to see what this is exactly when you’re not watching these demos in person. Also includes some sort of online media browser w/AJAX…works in any browser. “integrated with your music library”, whatever that means.
  • iWork '06… (nothing really new here)
  • [B]Talking about new hardware. Intel update…looks like OS X on Intel is ready. New Mac today with Intel chip. It’s the iMac. Ahead of schedule (Apple originally said mid-year).
  • Intel iMac is 2 to 3 times faster than the G5, Tiger (10.4.4) is native on the Intel processor, all of Apple’s apps are too.[/B]
  • Microsoft will make new versions of office for the Mac for a minimum of 5 years
    - New Intel iMacs shipping today. They will be doing Intel versions of all their hardware this calendar year.
  • Famous Jobs’ “one more thing”…MacBook Pro, Powerbook with Intel chip, 4-5 times faster than the G4 Powerbook, magnetic power adapter


You know I still havent seen what 10.4.4 does.

EDIT besides the intel stuff. That could be all it does though who knows.

Yeah, I’m a little disappointed. I had my credit card in hand ready to pounce on an Intel mac mini. I might have gone for an Intel ibook too, but the powerbooks are too rich for my blood.

They’ll sell a ton of new powerbooks to current mac users, but I bet they would have sold a bazillion mac minis to non-mac users, especially in the time window before Vista comes out. An Intel mac mini with a TV out and that Front Row remote thing – they could NOT have made enough of those things. It’d really help push the Itunes Video sales and videocasts.

I’m not a big fan of the imac – did they add a DVI out? That’d make it more palatable I guess.

As you say, this is surely going to be a hot item. I have no doubts whatsoever that there will be Intel based minis coming in the relatively near future.

I’m pretty sure that Apple is just being reasonable about Core Duo chip supplies at the moment. They can’t really put out a cheap Intel based iMac or Mini until supplies are plentiful, because they’re going to sell like hotcakes. It’d be an X360 launch scenario all over again…

Look at the bright side, when you do get your Intel based Mac Mini, they’ll have ironed out the first gen kinks!

According to the specs page, it does have DVI and VGA out for an extended desktop on a second monitor.

I’m surprised the MacBook Pro doesn’t have FireWire 800, like the PowerBooks did. A sign of its decline, perhaps? Otherwise though, they do seem pretty nifty. I just can’t really justify one for myself since I hardly use my iBook’s full potential as it is.

So now the new Intel chips are each faster than the G5 wa…ohh how times change don’t they Mr. Jobs.

The macbook as an x1600 thats fuckin hot right there.

Just in time for me to replace my iBook before I go to Russia… sweet. :)

I love the new macbook power connector.

I was hoping for an intel ibook. Don’t need that much power in my portable, and I was ready to toss the thinkpad on the for-sale block to try to get a new dual boot mac lappy. As for naming, I guess the ibooks will be called MacBooks, and the Powerbooks are now MacBook Pro’s?

Yeah, it’s brilliant. The power cord connector is one of the things that just goes on the fritz too damned often. It comes from the power cord and its plug on the laptop being tugged and wiggled on much more than they should be by all rights. I’d bet you Apple sees a bunch of repairs each year due to this problem. And woe is you if someone trips over yours and sends your laptop flying off the table…

It’s ever slicker than the wired Xbox controller break-away cable.

Is there actual information out there about dual booting these things? My understanding was that one of the things that made a mac a mac was a funky BIOS. Could you still run Windows on top of one of those?

I’d actually consider paying obscene Mac markup prices on a machine if I could boot into Windows on it too. Probably wouldn’t do it, but I’d give it a decent thought at least. :)

I’m not sure if there’s anyone who’s done it yet, but Steve Jobs did specifically mention that Apple would not do anything to prevent it when he first announced the switch to Intel.

It’s possible things have changed since then, but I’d guess not.

The issue will be finding Windows drivers for things like the built-in iSight camera and who knows what the heck else…

I also read somewhere that the touchpad is still single button, which will probably annoy some Windows users without an external mouse quite a bit.

I suspect that even with the deal Apple is getting on the processors, it’s still just a little too expensive to stick them in a Mini and sell them at any kind of margin. Frustrating, but give it a few months.

I suspect they are also waiting for the Mini refresh until they have more of their home cinema plans in place. Front Row is just the start…

Apple never supported 802,11A, and publicly criticised the spec as confusing to the marketplace and unworthy of being produced when the backwards compatible “true” successor was just around the corner.

He has never previously compared a G5 to anything Pentium-M derived (and hasn’t done much platform comparing for about 2 years, as the G5 has been sitting comparitively close to where it started). I don’t see your point. Unless you weren’t being snarky and were instead just observing the flip in performance of the actual architectures, and then yeah, you’re right :)