New Appleseed CGI movie

Slash ad for Citizen watches.

It looks like a watch commercial.

Is this for a new movie or is it just a watch ad?

If there is a new movie, can this one have less time devoted to androids wondering what love is?

Well there actually is another new Appleseed anime movie (actually, 2), this time done by Production IG and Shirow. And I think they’re splitting it up into a series as well (that whole thing is a little confusing). The anime style is funky (essentially 3D animated manga), but it’s not too shocking that they’re fusing advertising with anime–remember the first CG Appleseed movie was a walking Gucci advertisement (and Solid State Society was a big deal for Nissan).

— Alan

It’s a tv series, not a movie.

But, the company filed for bankruptcy, i don’t know it will air finally.

Ah, that was the confusing part. They’re compiling them into movies. But they made it seem like the first movie was coming out before the series starts, which doesn’t make sense. Maybe that was a result of the development following the bankruptcy… eh. Hard to tell what’s going on there.

— Alan

Appleseed has always been an awesome mess.

The original manga by Masamune Shirow was left unfinished after 4 volumes and some short stories, and the anime movies and OVAs had nice visuals but weak scripts.

I hope one day we can see an anime series or movie that does justice to the manga, because it was truly interesting post-post-apocalyptic sci-fi on it’s own right, just like GitS.

Man, Deunan Knute was T2’s Sarah Connor before T2.

Except for her tendency to fuck the star cyborg rather than kill him.

Yeah. I see nothing to compare other than they’re both women.

Yeah I loved the super complex geopolitical stuff of the dense Appleseed manga but the films so far have explored none of that. The Ghost in the Shell Standalone Complex series and movies however have mined their source material quite well.