New ATI 9700 Drivers

They are Dell drivers but you can get the scoop on them here. Apparently they fix quite a few things. I have not had a chance to try them but if you have any problems you might want to check them out:

Posters at Rage3d are saying you can just go into upgrade your drivers and load these new drivers but someone has put together new .ini and .inf files if you want to go the clean install route:

– Xaroc

I will be installing these when I get home so I will try to post an update.

Thanks. I think I’ll hold off until you report, heh.

By the way, what’s up with the “hidden” 9066 drivers (as opposed to the one on the ATI main page, the 9062 ones)? The 9066 ones are need for the direct 3d problem, but they’re not easy to find (

I am using them. They seem to work well… bested my old 3DMark scores.

17,184 at 1024*768

15,607 at 1280*1024 …holding the current record on that one after breaking the previous record (also mine). I’m fairly happy with the 9700 :)

Ok, as far as practical changes I have seen pretty much none with this driver. The things that ran before still run but nhl2003 still doesn’t run for me (although a bunch of people say it runs for them now so I think I may have something set wrong), sacrifice is still choppy, and mafia still has flickery shadows. I did manage to break 15k on 3dmark with these drivers and they seem pretty stable so I don’t think they are a bad choice but then again just waiting for the official ATI ones is probably the better move.

– Xaroc

Oh and cip, I was wondering if that was you over at on the boards, now I know. That heatsink you have on your 9700 is insane.

Well that didn’t take long:

– Xaroc

hehe… yup, that’s me. I’ve never seen another ciparis anywhere… so if you saw that name as an OGL admin, or in UT or on tech boards it was probably me.

The latest drivers make NHL2003 playable now and THPS3 is a lot more stable with AA and AF on. Still a few small problems but the major stuff works like a charm now. Just make sure to totally uninstall your previous drivers using the instructions found here:

– Xaroc

Yeah, they fix a serious bug in my game’s terrain engine too.

Was that the w-buffering bug of long ago or something to do with multitexturing? I can’t really tell whether that terrain detail (the city-like patch) is geometry or some sort of depth texture…

I’ve been playing GTA3 since I first bought this 9700Pro, and the latest drivers suddenly turned on the fog effects. I had seen some sort of weak imitation of fog before, but suddenly I think I’m getting the real thing. (I’d never played GTA3 before getting the card, so I didn’t know what I was missing.)

Screwy driver biotches!

I was FORCED to install these drivers when the recently-released NFS: HP2 demo locked up my machine. At least the new drivers made the game work.

Every Radeon 9700 card comes with a free membership in the driver-of-the-week club. It’s fun! No, really!

By the way: NFS: HP2? Utter and complete ass. Don’t even bother. It is a disgrace to the series and a direct insult to the excellent NFS: PU.

I thought HP2 looked OK, but the controls are horrible! I still have High Stakes installed on my machine (being the most recent version with Hot Pursuit mode), and it has a much better feel to it - crisp and responsive instead of the mushy crap in HP2. HP2 at least needs a sensitivity adjustment for the joystick - it only has dead zone adjustments now. The decrease in available joystick/wheel adjustments is probably a console legacy. Anyone know how it handles in the console versions?

I also don’t like the new system for getting caught by the police - it is way too easy to get away.

ObTopic: There may be hope for ATI one day. I originally dumped my RIVA128 because of crappy game & driver support, but now I trust nVidia as the standard.

Was that the w-buffering bug of long ago or something to do with multitexturing? I can’t really tell whether that terrain detail (the city-like patch) is geometry or some sort of depth texture…[/quote]

Its todo with texturing. For more info, go here.

The W bufffer issue will never be fixed because the 9xxx cards do not have a W buffer.

Thanks for the link, Derek. I had figured if you jumped up and down and shouted loud and long enough, they’d have implemented some vertex shaders to simulate w-buffering for you. In the meantime, give 'em hell, they’re going to break a lot of legacy apps with that decision.