New AVP game from Rebellion and Sega!

Okay insiders…spill. This is not the Colonial Marine game, but what sounds like an actual sequel to avp 2.

I heard the AvP game Rebellion did for the PSP was really bad. But I’m a big fan of the original game. I’m skeptical that they can create the same tension and excitement that they did in the first one with their custom-made game engine. But hey, we don’t even know which platform this one is coming for yet. If its another PSP game, we can just let this thread slide into obscurity. Agreed? :)

In similar news, I see that both the Aliens rpg and the fps (Colonial Marines, I think it’s called?) have been pushed into 2010. Which I guess isn’t the most surprising of news, but I’m disappointed.

While Sierra had an AVP 3 slated for 2009 on their pre-Activision lineup; I’d posit that was this.

Rebellion has a lot of projects on its plate - this, Rogue Warrior, and Battlefront 3.