New Banners

The banners are fun. :)

Being curious, I went and checked out everything I’d seen. (Good rates on the POE hosting, Chet!)

One, in particular, cracked me up. Anonymizer will eliminate traces of where you’ve been, etc…Their motto: “Privacy is your right. [And we’ll sell it to you for $29.95!!]” Okay, so the part in brackets is mine, but it cracked me up that they’re selling software to give you privacy, which is “your right.”

Maybe it’s just me. I thought it was funny.

Anyway, other thoughts on the banners? I like 'em.

I miss the Royal Tannenbaums !!! <sniff>

It’s still in there! I’ve seen it!


A little note on the banners.

We currently host QT3 for free (we being poehosting). We can’t do that forever and Mark and Tom are hoping to run it without having to fork out hosting money.

So we hosted it for a couple of months to get a feel for it. Now that we know the approx bandwidth and resources it uses, we have agreed to give the banner thing a try. Clicking on and/or purchasing from the banners advertised goes directly into the - keep QT3 up fund. So if you preorder the BF1942 by clicking on the banner, you are supporting the site.

By monday we will also have it where you can purchase banner space for a month. $10 for non-commercial sites $30 for commercial sites and $50 for an advertisement both on here and Fatbabies (similar demographics but many more uniques).

If the banners do not work out, we will have to try something else. But to keep this site color coded lock free, click a banner, make a purchase. If you were going to buy from amazon anyways, just do it thru a banner. Same with gogamer etc.


Hey Chet. I’m always trying to get people to go over to my band’s site [ShamelessPlug][/ShamelessPlug]. When this banner setup gets into effect, do I just contact you?