New Batman Footage!

Sorry if this has already been posted (looked and didn’t find anything)…

This looks really impressive!

Damn, Catwoman has polygons in all the right places!

Nice to see that combat looks to still be absolutely awesome.

Meow! Hmm, that game looks kinda fun actually. Mayhap I should play Arkham Asylum then? I have just gotten into a habit of avoiding anything based on a comic book or a movie, or based upon a movie based on a comic book.

Uh, why?


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. In fact, I’m genuinely puzzled as to how you’re even asking this question. The core game of AA is unbelievably solid and has been raved about in detail all over the gaming community. There’s one or two moments that aren’t utterly remarkable, but the game’s biggest flaw is that some features are too useful. If it doesn’t have 90+ on metacritic I’ll take a bite out of my keyboard here and now, and with good reason.

You’re lazy… :)

Critic = 9.1
User = 9.0

Critic = 9.2
User = 8.6

Critic = 9.1
User = 9.0

Are you going off critic rating, or user? I’ve never seen anyone eat their keyboard…

Holy shit that battle in the front of the courthouse! D:

Grappling hook clothesline for the omg yes yes yes winning!

Batarangs , multiple attack types, he even beat the shit out of a guys ribs rocky style!

“I’m Jack Ryder”

“The TV reporter?”

“Yeah, are you a fan?”

“No.” -_-

Hands down what is most impressive is how fluid they’ve gotten their brawling system to appear. The slowdowns and speedups help to hide the variable speeds of the animations, not like there’s that much to “hide” because it all just meshes so perfectly.

I really, really hate Catwoman’s face.

Looks very promising overall though.

I noticed she did get a bit cross-eyed a few times. Kinda minor though, the engine and art design still look fantastic.

Same. And batman’s proportions look odd too.

Yes, Catwoman’s eyes are too big and the voice acting feels a bit off compared to the very high standard set by AA. Anyway, minor complaints for an otherwise awesome trailer.

The only thing I’m a little bit concerned about is how moving about the city will change the gameplay. There’s a lot more vertical space in Arkham City. It will be intersting to see what they do with it.

I hope there are different floors in the bigger buildings that have to be cleared out.

Also hope for the possibility to bat gel the floor and ride it down onto a pile of goons.

Does anyone recall how big they said the city area is ? Was it 4x the size of Arkham Asylum?

I don’t “really really hate” it, but something about it is…off. Just not in fitting with the rest of the model or something. The mouth expressions aren’t working for me with her, either. But hey, game ain’t out yet.

For my money, catwoman as expressed in the Gotham City Sirens series is just pitch perfect. (That’s actually quite a good series, if you’re a comic book reader.)

Yea Jason, that’s exactly how I felt. It just didn’t look… right, if that makes sense. I suppose the second really was a bit of a stretch :)

Still like others have said, minor point in what was otherwise a very impressive demo. Probably going to be a day 1 purchase for me.

Well, the videos so far seemed to show a bit more control when gliding, possibly even more horizontal movement, and of course the swooping down to speed up is just awesome.

I could swear that they increased the range of the grappling hook as well. In AA you had to be pretty close to a guard tower in order to get all the way up to the top in one shot. In the videos of City he seemed to shoot it a bit farther.

Did they keep the straight line for long distances? It probably might have made sense to hybridize that function, although I forget what features it had other than “go farther, but only directly across”.

Yes, they talked about increasing Batman’s vertical mobility, which is great with me because the ground is for suckers. (Standard rule in any urban brawler, cf. Spider-Man 2, Prototype, et al.)

I have not watched this video because after finishing the first game on hard, I am 100% already sold. Same deal with Bioshock: Infinite and Skyrim. I trust the developers’ track records and the previews I skim; I don’t need to watch video and have actual realtime gameplay be spoiled.

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