New Battlefront Game: Dropteam

I really loved the Combat Mission games and when I was checking to see if an OS X-compatable version was available yet for play on my ibook (not yet… damn!) I saw they have a new game coming out June 1… and I haven’t heard a peep about it:

It’s supposedly a “realistic” sci-fi RTS. Seems like a bunch of contradictions, doesn’t it? Anyhow I was wondering if anybody knows any more about it than what’s available on the official site.

There’s a free open beta available, give it a shot. A few friends of mine play it and are addicted to it - I can’t get the damn thing running properly, though.

Wow, that looks fantastic – definitely have to check it out.

Sweet. I’ve always been a fan of the Combat Mission games, but I never heard of this particular title.

Thanks for the heads up.

Hmmm looks like a mishmash of Tribes and Universal Combat - let’s hope it doesn’t play anything like the latter. Downloading now.

Meh. All of the tactical choices of CM, with none of the time to exectute them properly, and an interface that fights you every step of the way. So I wind up just driving around and shooting at stuff like any old tank game. I suppose if I spent 5 hours reading the manual and practicing, I could get more out of it, but the game’s not good looking enough and the UI is too clunky to spend that time.


I didn’t run on my Intel Mac, yet another sign that Battlefront is at the forefront of 5 year old technology.

Didn’t try out the beta since it’s multiplayer only, but…

It’s not turn based??? That’s a major disappointment and quite possibly a deal breaker for me.

I really wish they’d put all their effort into making a CM game with a current-gen graphic engine. That would be a day one buy for me.

They have some good ideas here but it’s very amateurish and unpolished. I played the public beta a couple of months ago and it seemed nowhere near ready for retail/downloading.

For example:

To hop into your vehicle and have the firing reticle, you have to hold ‘E’ down. Now, I want to turn right (d) yet still accelerate (w). Have fun. Why isn’t ‘E’ a toggle? The game’s coming out in a month, no one has mentioned this?

There is a predeployment phase where you can lay down sensors and turrets. Once the game starts, I want to lay down some more. The problem is, once the game starts, you are what you drop. So I got to ‘play’ being a stationary sensor node, what fun.

Why the devs didn’t just steal ideas from Urban Assault/Battlezone/Tribes/BF2 is beyond me. Most of this stuff has been worked out already.


Er… it’s not Combat Mission.

You can drop stationary stuff after deployment. Once the dropship returns, you can drop as something else. Still, I agree with you, the game doesn’t really live up to its potential.

No, it isn’t. But a turn based game with a sci fi setting published by the same company who made the Combat Mission games would rock. This, unfortunately, isn’t turn-based.

Battlefront used to represent for me the blending of modern graphics with old school wargame mechanics. Now it looks like they are changing their design philosophy to become more “mainstream” by going the real-time route and I’m not sure I like that.

They are a publisher who is branching out. They just released a turn-based game 1 month ago (SC2) and released a FREE turn-based game this week (1848). I don’t think the publishing of Dropteam is a philosophy change at all