New bonus AoE3 map: Winter Wonderland

Whoa! I hope ES isn’t learning from Blizzard here, and furnishing content now and again to keep the restless natives happy! No, we can’t have that! :roll:

Haven’t seen the map yet, but all snideness and sarcasm aside, it’s a good call.

A better call would be to fix the mod tools, so people can make and release their own maps.

And not name them after the most saccharine and annoying holiday song ever.


Guys, this isn’t the “I hate Age of Empires 3” thread, please!

That one’s clawing its way through the compost of discarded threads now, like a zombie. Sh! I think I hear it at the door…

How about a new map called… working attack move!!!

Ha ha no, I kid.

New patch due next week that addresses some balance problems, at least. No idea why the “attack-move” is proving so hard to implement.