New boxes for Vista!

I know it’s pretty silly since it doesn’t really look like DX10 is going to be doing anything fantastic in the near future, but I felt like putting a system together in preparation for Vista anyways.

Core 2 Duo E6600 (OC’d to 3.15 Ghz on stock cooling)
2 GB Buffalo Firestix PC2 6400 (4-4-4-9 at 800 Mhz)
Asus P5E 650i MoBo
500 GB WD hdd
eVGA 8800 GTX
Corsair 620W modular PSU
Antec P180B

And a copy of Vista Home Premium when I can get my mitts on it.

Some stupidity on my part when building this system:

Buying a Zalman Reserator 2 only to figure out after it arrives that the VGA waterblock will not fit on an 8800, and that Zalman has to plans in the near future to rectify this. Now I have to RMA it, and the shipping is not going to be happy.

Anyone else put a new box together, or planning to?

I’ve been meaning to put a new system together, as the parts in my current one are over four years old now. I keep worrying that it might be a waste if I wind up using it for WoW 99% of the time though, with all the console games I’ve been playing lately.

I’d double-check the memory compatibility, as I don’t recognize that brand and some of the C2D-supporting chipsets have been really picky about what memory they support. A quick Google to see if anyone’s had any problems with that combination couldn’t hurt, at least.

I plan to delay the Vista upgrade as long as possible, but I put together a similar - though probably less expensive - system myself recently.

FYI the BFG 8800 comes in a variant that has a waterblock already attached. Also, if you are going to get a 500GB monster drive (that probably has four platters) get the Hitachi E7K500, as it’s quite a bit faster than your average WD or Seagate (don’t take my word for it check it out on

I’m currently running the following system in Vista (and it flies):

AMD X2 4400+ (2.2GHz 1MB) Socket 939 Processor
Freezer 64 Heatsink/Fan
ASRock 939Dual-VSTA Motherboard
3GB DDR400 PC3200 RAM (2x1GB Kingston, 1x512MB Corsair, 1x512MB GeIL; all in dual channel mode)
eVGA GeForce 7900 GTO 512MB PCIe
Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS Gamer
320GB Seagate 16MB SATA II (Perpendicular)
160GB Hitachi SATA
80GB Western Digital (WD80JB) ATA133 IDE
Lite-On 16X SATA DVD+/-RW Drive
Emprex 8X IDE DVD+/-RW Drive
D-Link 802.11G PCI Wireless Adapter
Intel Gigabit PCI Ethernet Adapter
Microsoft Natural Elite 4000 Keyboard
Logitech G7 Wireless (2.4Ghz) Laser Gaming Mouse
Klipsch ProMedia 4.1 Speakers/Subwoofer

I have the swap file set to 4096MB on the 160GB, primary drive is the 320GB, and I use the 160 and 80 for BitTorrent and Download storage drives. I tried ReadyBoost on my Patriot XT 2GB USB 2.0 memory stick but it actually made file reads SLOWER (making Oblivion very jerky), so be warned about this “performance feature.”

The Logitech SetPoint drivers suck ass and I just uninstalled them. Windows can detect/use the mouse just fine without them and in fact better since it doesn’t wig out and change your mouse acceleration/speed settings on you randomly during games if you hit the sensitivity decrease/increase buttons.

Creative has new Soundblaster Audigy drivers as of January 12th, but I haven’t tried getting EAX to work in anything with them yet so YMMV.

My wireless and ethernet NICs worked out of the box, and it downloaded updated WHQL drivers directly from Windows Update for me during hardware detection.

There are unreleased ForceWare beta drivers on Guru3D (97.52) for GeForce 7 series on Vista x86, and there is an older but WHQL/official release of 97.46 on the Nvidia site. There should be a 100.30+ version coming out relatively soon as that’s what was used to demo Crysis at CES on an 8800GTX SLI on Vista x64.

Thanks for the advice, but one of my primary goals aside from creating a solid gaming rig was to create as silent of a PC as possible. The WD 500GB is one of the quietest drives available (you can check that out on, I can vouch that this drive is indeed amazingly quiet). Also, as I had already purchased the eVGA card a couple months back it’s too late to switch to the waterblock BFG.

I actually am strongly considering the swiftec waterblock, which isn’t terribly expensive and is a more generic solution. I have no interest in buying a custom 8800 GTX waterblock for $150 that will never be usable on any other card.

I really want to upgrade my machine when Vista comes out. So badly. I’ve neglected all consoles to remain a pc loyalist and this might be the first hardware upgrade I have to pass on. Outwise of DX10 and Vista, there are many games I’d like to run 4x-FSAA & 16x-AF @ 1600x1200, full detail with smooth fps. I still can’t do that with some games even though I’ve got a great system:

  • Rome Total War
  • Medieval Total War 2
  • MS Flight Sim X
  • Everquest 2
  • Roller Coaster Tycoon 3
  • Silent Hunter III
  • Gothic 3
  • NWN 2

It’s ridiculous having to wait years for hardware to catch up with some games, and it appears it’s just going to get worse with some of the 2007 games slated for pc.

My current rig is:

  • 2 Gig PC3200 MHZ RAM.
  • AMD FX-57.
  • N-Force 4 Ultra mb.
  • ATI X1900 XTX.
  • 3 HD’s totaly over 1 terabyte of HD space.
  • Soundblaster X-Fi & Klipsch 5.1 THX
  • 22" Mitsubishi CRT

System is stably OC’ed to 2.98 GHz. You’d think that should be all that’s needed to run some older games like EQ2 and RCT3 at high res with all the belles and whistles, but nope.

I’d like to upgrade to the mobo/cpu/memory you’re using Reldon (plus the new ATI rx600 when it comes out). I always sell the existing hardware I’m swapping out - but even then it’s still a ~$800+ upgrade for those 4 components…

You’ll probably want to use a different mobo. The one I’m using is an nVidia 650i. While I’m sure an ATI card would work, I would imagine there are other boards out there that would work better than one nVidia designed around SLI.

Makes no difference, unless, of course you want ATI crossfire. If not, it’s fine for ATI cards.

I’ll wait on the Vista upgrade. I didn’t upgrade to WinXP until I built my last box in August 2004 (right when Doom 3 hit). I’m thinking early 2008 for the next box and Vista upgrade. Never go for a new Microsoft OS in the first year of its shipping, is one of my rules of general sanity. Vista SP1 for the win.

(Plus by then, even more uber DX10 cards and games that actually use them will be shipping, and most of the driver bugs will be shaken out.)

I wouldn’t expect SP1 for another year.