New car - or 'Tell me what cars you have bought lately (that are interesting)'

As some of you might remember (and have nightmares about) I own what is officialy the ugliest car in the world.
Former Car of the Year at Top Gear, “courtesy of its mad, ingenious and unquestionably brave styling” and “so ugly it could frighten a bouncer.”

I do like it a lot, but it’s a 2001 edition with dated safety and extras. And it has a really rotten mileage, which is something you notice in a country where gas is about $7 a gallon. We also bought it used and were quite unlucky - now it’s broken again. Anyway I’m looking for a new car and soliciting advice.

I’m considering leasing and I’m looking at either the Honda Jazz (Fit), Fiat Qubo and Fiat Punto EVO. All smaller than what we have now, but we only have two kids and they’re so old that we don’t have to bring a carriage and whatnot everywhere.

Feel free to offer advice.

Bear in mind that we’re the most expensive country in the world, when it comes to new cars, and by looking at what I have, you should know, that practicality means a lot more to me than speed or styling (although like Top Gear I think the Multipla is so ugly it’s cool). Safety and mileage is important.

We have a Mazda5 that we like…good mileage in a size that’s halfway between a wagon and a mini-van.

Do they sell those where you are?

Well Honda will fleece you on spare parts and service so i would be careful there. Stay the hell away from Citröen, i have a piece of shit Xsara estate that spends more time in the shop than on the road. How about a VW Polo/Golf? Out of your price range?

Hondas have a good reputation (at least with my family) for long life. I have a 1991 honda accord with 260,000 miles on it, and it still runs great!

Join the QT3 Honda FIT lovers club.

We’ve had ours for over a year and still love it (and the gas mileage).

Last summer I had my bike in the hatchback (what my dad would call the boot - sedans have trunks, hatchbacks boots). My nephew in the backseat in his car seat (he’s 3) my brother in the front seat for a 3 hour drive. It was really comfortable and not cramped at all.

The car handles well in snow, has great acceleration - I have no complaints. I tool around like a maniac in it.

Our other car is a V8 muscle car - so I’m really picky about handling and acceleration. The FIT doesn’t disappoint.

I have a brand new 2010 Honda Fit/Jazz. As I mentioned in some other thread my 1993 Camry finally had a repair cost (transmission replacement or rebuild) that was unjustified given the age of the car. I was already mildly impressed with the Fit based on driving my girlfriend’s parent’s 2007 model and the newer ones after the 2009 redesign are even better. Given my positive impression with the Fit, Toyota’s recent OMG DEATHTRAP problems, etc, the Fit was a no-brainer.

It is not a fast or a really sexy car, but it is practical as hell (averaging 34 mpg with mine), fast enough for driving in the US (I drive it at 80 mph regularly and comfortably on the freeways here) and the interior space (even if you’re over 6 foot) and visibility of everything (thanks to the honking huge windshield and side windows) is great. Also the price is great. A+++ would buy again.

ProTip: You can buy a Honda keyfob for $20-30 or so dollars and easily program it to remote entry your 2009+ fit and not buy the remote entry “kit” that they try to sell for something stupid like $400+ dollars. YMMV in Canada (I think the base Fit there doesn’t have power locks to begin with) and other parts of the world.

No, you aren’t.

The Fit will forever be the Honda Tapir in my mind.

I bought a car a while back, it wasn’t lately but it sure was interesting!

I 1972 Ford Capri, the 3 litre one. She looked damn spanky but she road like a right bitch!

So I was cruising down a 2 lane road, doing about 80km/h (50mph) and the road starts doing a long slow bend. I’m on the inside lane and it’s bending my way (we drive on the left, so bending left).
All fine and dandy except the car isn’t turning left. The car isn’t turning left because the steering wheel doesn’t want to turn left.
I pull it harder and still nothing, it wiggles right, but not left, and I’m going too far right already. Thankfully there is no-one outside of me but I’m starting to run out of road so I give it one hell of a yank left and it all come ‘unjammed’.
A couple of tense seconds.

Turns out the steering worm was completely worn on the one side, flat as a pancake, this caused it to not feed correctly and the yanking finally made it feed into properly.

It had a number of other problems, but cruising round and hitting the throttle was one hell of an experience! The roar and acceleration, wow!
Aah - when it started going about 100km/h (60mph) it would start shaking Violently. That, along with the steering thing made it one hell of a ride! *

Chicks digged it though!

I finally ‘sold’ it for a case of beers.

*The days of being young, ignorant and irresponsible!

I bought a damaged 2006 Ford escape for 4k, and spent around 5k getting it fixed.

I love my car.

Oh yeah, bought the POS (oh, I did love it though) Capri for R16k and spent another R15k on it.

It still wasn’t ‘right’ when I swapped it for the case of beers!

We seem to love Honda here at camp krayzkrok. Just about everything we own that consumes fuel seems to have a Honda engine in it (apart from that one thing with Toyota engine in it), and they’re extremely reliable and long-lasting in our experience. This is despite them having to put up with some horrendous vehicle conditions: heat, humidity, dust. We could probably find cheaper service manufacturers but it balances out because we so rarely need anything significant doing.

The worst car I ever owned was a Mitsubishi Colt. Holy crap that thing was terrible. It broke down every 100 km (ok, it was a few years old) and being stranded in the absolute middle of nowhere with only a few bottles of water is never much fun. Fortunately I learned how to fix it. It did redeem itself once when I launched it over a large washout in the middle of a dirt track, landing with a crash on the other side. That sounds more dramatic than it was, but at least we didn’t get stuck for several days.

My mum loves her VW Golf, incidentally (she’s on her third) and having driven all three I can vouch for them being fun. The first two were like driving go carts. The latest is a bit more refined.

I sold my beloved Mini Cooper S 2006 in September to purchase an Audi A4 Avant <wagon> The arrival and growth of my 2 year old son mandated a change unfortunately. Having said that I adore the Audi for its technical proficiency and elegant design

I second the Mazda recommendation, I drive a 6 station wagon, but the 3 has been getting good reviews as well afaik.

there’s also this to convince you:

I’m in the VW supporters club at the moment although I wouldn’t recommend our Seat Leon (A polo with a different body I believe), I hate cars where I have no idea where the front is and this is terrible for all round visibility. Ho hum, the Mrs liked the look of the thing so we own one despite never having any idea how close we are to bashing the car in front or behind when parking.

On everything else though I can’t complain. The first service cost me £100 the cheapest I’ve ever had a car serviced for, a tank of fuel lasts ages and it’s cheaper on car tax than the 1.3 petrol car we had before (UK car tax is based on Emissions)

I’d love an Audi - however the cheapest Avant is around 170.000 US$ here, which is a bit more than I make in a year before taxes, so even after selling the old and doing a bit of bargaining with the dealer, I think it ain’t gonna happen. Ever.

I guess you missed this:

I’d also suggest that you’re not a big enough tapir to own an Audi, but if you do suddenly land a windfall of cash, practice driving .2mm off the bumper of the car in front of you at all times otherwise you have to trade the car in for something else.

Oh, I’m a right tapir.

… but you’re right. Not when I’m driving - not only is my kid’s safety important (in which case I guess an Audi is a great choice), but I also show concern for the safety of others unlike 99% of people who drive big German cars.

this is the standard pic when talking about audi safety:

I love my Fusion Sport. It’s a larger car than I’ve had in a long time, but pretty much everything about it is appealing and I enjoy getting in it and driving it. Then again, I have a soft spot for Fords anyhow. Many of my colleagues have the Fit and love it as well, but it was smaller than I wanted at this point in my car owning life.