New car - or 'Tell me what cars you have bought lately (that are interesting)'


No personal experience, but I have colleagues who have had or have either a RAV 4 or a Highlander. Both love their Toyotas; one even bought two Highlanders, and keeps one in a barn so that when the first wears out they can use the other! Used of course, but still.


The other nice thing about the Scion xB is that I wouldn’t have to worry about teen sex happening.

(Seriously, I do sincerely appreciate the suggestion, and the prices on those used look great. But I’m just imagining the conversation the kid who was hoping to inherit my Mazda 6 would have when shown that sexy beast of a car. ;-)

((Then again, I wanted a Mustang and ended up in a Chevette because no car is worse than uncool car. So there’s desire and there’s dealing with reality!))


I’d highly recommend driving some mazdas as well. They are very reliable cars and more fun than the toyotas I’ve driven. Not that fun is the main reason you buy a car, but if it costs less, is as reliable, and is more fun, well why not?


Says you!


Actually, fun is one of the main reasons I’ve only bought mazdas for 2 decades now. Zoom zoom.


Lol, my first car was a white whale of a Chevy caprice with a blood red velour interior.


A friend in high school had one of those. That was something else. Great car to cruise around in on weekends, for sure.