New Carriers at War!

Wow, I’m really happy about this, from SSG and Matrix. Which means it could take awhile, but still… happy thoughts.

— Alan

Yea…I have been tempted many times to buy the CAW Pack from SSG as I loved playing this game…as long as they don’t change the core game but pretty it up, it’ll be gold.

Saw that, I’m psyched. I used to have all of the Run5 magazines and typed in dozens of CAW scenarios.

Does this have anything to do with rats and the black plague?

I have the full Carriers at War Deluxe package. Just another one of those games I had to grab because I knew it would disappear, but never got around to playing (though I did play the very old initial Apple II version). I suppose the original would be very unlikely to even run on a modern computer.

Some people report it runs fine on XP…that’s why I was going to buy it.

Is there a release date posted?

Looking forward to this one, too. I loved making scenarios on the old CAW in my C64 days.

I don’t think Matrix ever has release dates so it’s safe to say… maybe this century? Hopefully soon.

— Alan

Carriers! War!

CAW was one of my favorits on my C-64. I’m quite happy it is making a return.

According to the dev blog its due by the end of the year:

rooting around on their other games, Starshatter:Gathering Storm has gone gold. What’s the concensus on this one? It sounds really great, with several different flight models, fleet control, dynamic campaigns and atmospheric ground attacks.

Isn’t it basically a refresh of the first Starshatter? Much better graphics?

Gathering Storm is a respin with all new art/sound along with assorted bugfixes/improvements. It has fully 3d cockpits and supports TrackIR. All of the radio traffic (think Falcon 4) is now voiced.

Starshatters weakpoints were in the end game. Capital Ships weren’t as interesting as they could be, your tactical options were limited and there wasn’t much in the way of ship management. In a serious fight you might priotize repairs but that was about it. Still its a game I quite liked.

Recent Interview with Milo

How was multiplayer?

Fighter, Frigate, Destroyer, and Cruiser combat was fine. However if you took a carrier you’d run into severe lag after launching a few of your fighters. Conceptually its great though. You can run full fleet vs fleet engagements or just dogfight. It came with a dozen or so scenarios and the editor was both simple and full featured.


Complete Carriers at War is always on my laptop. What a fun game! Good to see an new iteration coming out.