New cast for Spider-man 4 and 5

At least I hope so. The last trilogy’s cast went one movie too long. I liked Tobey as Peter Parker well enough in the first movie and tolerated him in the second. By the third movie i was sick of him. Kirsten has been a torn in the series side and needed not to be cast from day one.

It appears Sam Raimi will be replaced as well. Not sure how I feel on that one. I do hope they just continue the series instead of attempt a remake of his origin.

Wasn’t three more than enough ?

Before I started reading hte article I was also wondering why Shia LaBeouf wasn’t among the contenders. His build is certainly right.

Wait… Dennis Leary should be Spiderman!

Is it going to be under the new Marvel movie-making initiative. Will we see RDJ pop up and offer Spidey an alliance. Is Sam Jackson going to beat down on Peter Parker for not joining up with the Avengers? Can we have Topher Grace back as Eddie Brock. (Really, he was one of the things I liked in 3)

No Equis. Sony paid major fees to keep Spiderman. Marvel really wanted to get Spider-man under their studio but even Marvel couldn’t turn down mad cash.

I give Marvel Studios 5 or 7 years before they make enough movies that don’t do well enough to shut them down.

I don’t really know where they could go with a 4th movie… the third one wrapped up the Peter/Harry story arc which was the backbone of the trilogy.

Maybe they could go with The Lizard or Kraven, those are strong villains I think could work in a movie.

I can’t believe they didn’t touch on Lizard, what with the amount of screen they gave Dr. Connors.

Shia could be Spider-Man, and he could keep swinging crotch-first into building spires, flagpoles and streetlamps, while yammering, ‘NONOnononoNONOnono!’

And I was really hoping to see Black Cat realized as well, particularly along the lines of the one from the Spider-Man 2 video game …

Because I’m funny like that.

Rumors have one of villians as Electro.

Also I think a black cat sub plot would be good.

Bring back Michael Clarke Duncan as Wilson Fisk for Spidey 4! That’d be awesome!

Wait, I misspelled awful. :(

That’d be awesome for a story about a middle aged disillusioned Spiderman.

That would definitely keep the kids coming back for more.

Kids these days… they love a good story about middle aged disillusionment.

Ooh! It could be directed by Todd Solondz! Picture Happiness with spandex costumes.

I think yanking everyone is a good idea.
Raimi was fine, but I’ve seen his Spiderman, and it was pretty clear that he was getting close to not caring by the third one.

I think putting a bullet in Spiderman’s brain is the best option. Seriously, he has amazing super powers and all he can to is bitch and whine about how unfair that is?

Even the second one, for all of its flaws, still had a passion behind it.

The third one barely had any of his trademark flavor … It felt much like any other paint-by-numbers action movie.

All they need is an Iron Man-type success every other year and think they’ll do fine.

Looking at the list of movies they have planned, somehow I don’t see good things for Marvel Studios’ future. Cloak and Dagger? Power Pack? Marvel doesn’t have a deep enough bench for all these movies. I fully expect a Dazzler movie to be announced soon.

I’d like to see Topher play Spidey myself. The boyish looks, the comic timing, and hell iin SM3 did he proved he could pull off intimidating. He can act fucking circles around Macguire.