New Chromehounds Squad

For anyone still playing CH occassionally, I’ve created a new squad for people who still play. It’s called “80proof”. Feel free to join.

It’s Tarakia.

What’s this Chromehounds you speak of?

surely you jest?

it’s a wicked mech game for 360.

I indeed jest. Played it to death when it came out, spent quite a bit of time here talking about it. It was more or less a joke about QT3’s game ADD.

The thing that killed Chromehounds for me wasn’t ADD. It was the fact that you would sit around for 30 minutes at times while everyone got their mechs ready. Then you’d join a game, and wait another 30 minutes for the other team to get their mechs ready. Then the game would load, then dump you out to the main menu. Then you’d rejoin the squad lobby, and have to sit through about 10 notifications that someone paid 10,000 credits to your empire. Then you’d repeat the whole process.

For the 30 hours I logged into Chromehounds, I’d say about 10 of those were actually playing the game.