New console challenge

LMAO!!! Will they ever learn?

Reminds me of how the folks behind the Linux games console really believed they were going to beat the pants off of Microsfot and Sony and Nintendo. I actually talked to the head guy behind that console at Linuxworld a few years ago, and he really did believe it. They had all these grandious plans and events thought out.

They folded up shop less than a year later.

That press release does nothing more than churn out the high-tech jargon about DRM and broadband. Sounds like they’re fishing for some guillable investors.

Making a “faster” console at this point in time is easy. (The designs of the PS2 and Xbox are a few years old now. PS2 is in middle life, and Microsoft and Nintendo are already readying their next-gen consoles so that Sony won’t have a year-long headstart with the PS3. Microsoft and Nintendo aren’t going to let that happen again.)

So yeah, the “hardware” is easy. The hard part is getting the “games”. These guys don’ty have a prayer.

Hey Derek, they are right up (or down) the road from you, so go slap some sense in them!

It does sound like someone pulling up old press releases from that linux based console. I’m sure we’ll be hearing the devs and publishers lining up fast to support the system… :roll:

A multi tiered subscription service that meets the needs of casual, moderate and hard-core game players

Demo games before purchasing or subscribing

Games on demand

Game Rentals

This alone spells doom, no matter who makes it.

Ooooh! Digital Rights Management AND multi tiered subscription services in one system!?!? Where do I submit my credit card number?

I dunno man, this who whole eFlorida thing is getting out of hand. I blame Jeb.

As someone else said, this PR just looks like they’re fishing for gollybull investors (they probably already have some).

I too remember that Linux console farce; to the extent that I’m uttlerly surprised that these folks are still in business. I don’t get it. I really don’t.

Wanna bet this thing is aimed for hotel rooms?

Airport lobbies!!

It sounds like a high tech version of that ALL IN ONE gaming device you can get at your local bargin warehouse/late night tv infomercial. The one with 300 NES quality games.

Oh boy…

You’d think they’d at least invest in a decent concept artist for the mock-up.

Were those responses generated by a marketing speak program? Sheesh…


From the Ve3D admin:

Well that new Phantom console… Something is definitely fishy with regards to that. The press release was sent out before they had a website online and I’m told that Infinium Labs isn’t a registered company or wasn’t when our people Stateside checked as the press release was made available. I suppose only time will tell if this is a scam of some kind or really a load of upstarts who believe they can contend in such a competitive market.

Around the second question I lost all fine movement in my mouse hand.

Thank God for Alt+F4.

Guys guys guys, you’re over looking the most important thing here. It’s not a console its a Delivery Platform.


So it’s going to be the gaming equivalent of DIVX?

I imagine it will be released around the same time as Team Fortress 2 and Duke Nukem Forever.

Don’t see a slot for a disc on that mock-up.

No removable media = DOA.

It does look like a system designed for hotel rooms.

If it were April, I’d think “Phantom” were the tip off that this was all some bad joke. Amazing that stuff like this even gets rolling. I mean, what Holodeck are these clowns living in?

Whois the domain. I dare you.